Silviculture and Forest Division (SFM) division has been working towards the goal of improved productivity of selected species, quality of planting stock and conservation of germplasm. The Division works on the improvement of planting stock both through traditional and biotechnological methods. The Division strives for improvement in quality of seed through establishment of Seed Production Areas, Seedling Seed Orchards and Clonal Seed Orchards. The Division establishes Vegetative Multiplication Gardens as a source of genetically improved clonal planting material.The Division has developed Modern Nursery Practices and Macro-propagation Protocols for the important tree and bamboo species. Bio-technological tools are employed for the development/refinement of protocols for the rapid and mass production of clonal planting material of plus trees/clone/superior genotypes for clonal forestry. Molecular marker based studies are carried out to access genetic fidelity of micro-propagated plants. Seed handling and storage studies are focused on important tree species. Agro-forestry models are being developed on sandal and bamboo species for validation and wider adoption.