Director's Desk

Shri. Rajesh S. Kallaje, IFS
In-charge Director

Wood is Good. This goodness in wood emanates from its inherent qualities-natural, diverse, renewable and biodegradable. More so, it locks carbon, It demands very less energy for its manipulation and is amenable for industrialization. All these make wood the best among the materials available in the present world. The Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST) proudly strives to promote this wonderful material – ‘wood’

It was the vision of his Highness, the Maharaja of Mysore , Sri Krishnaraj Wodeyar IV, who was referred to as a ‘Raja Rishi’- a Saint and a King by Mahatma Gandhi, that led to the birth of Forest Research Laboratory (FRL) in 1938, which five decades later, took its present name and form sprawling over 25 acres, IWST is among the greenest spaces of Bangalore.

The Institute is dedicated to bring about scientific advancements and technological enhancements in the field of forestry and wood sciences.

It is recognized to be a Centre of Excellence for Sandalwood Research and Wood Science. I welcome you to the website of the Institute, which has been recently celebrated its Platinum Jubilee.


The Institute is lauded for high quality facilities in Testing and Standardization of wood products and composites as recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards. The testing labs in the Institute have NABL accreditation for Testing and Evaluation of Wood Composites in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


The real strength of IWST lies in its strong bondings with the cluster of Panel Industries in the country which are bolstered by periodic IWST-Industry meets in pan-Indian context. This makes the Institute entirely demand driven with sharp focus on the Industry at large.


Needless to say the crux of the technologies developed is sustainable i.e. environmentally benign, cost effective and socially acceptable.

    Some of the important thrust areas recently identified are:

  • Wood alternatives - from Bamboo, Agro and Forest residues.

  • Utilization of plantation timber for higher grade Panels, Particle Board Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF) & Oriented Strand Board.

  • Bio- adhesive and non-formaldehyde adhesives

  • Wood products resistant to fire, weathering, soil contact, sea water, radiation etc.

  • Disaster resistant & luxury resort houses from naturally occurring, renewable material.

  • High density lumber products from wood to replace metal beam.

  • Capacity utilization of Bamboo for high end products especially in North-East India.

  • Wood plastic composite for packaging including food items

"We strongly believe in working as a team and our programmes & activities are guided by long term Vision and Core values. We always look forward to new opportunities and working hand in hand"