Bamboo Mat Board

bamboo mat board

Bamboo Mat Board

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant harvestable in 2-4 yearscycle. It is far superior in physical and mechanical properties to wood obtained from short rotation fast growing tree species and is highly versatile for application. Traditional uses of board and in panel form is having more than 1000 documented uses.

Initial work for making BMB was carried out at FRI, Dehra Dun in 60’s. Efforts were reviewed at IPIRTI, Bangalore, in 1979-82 to make the process cost effective. Technology has been further improved through intensive R & D work at IPIRTI in early 90’s under projects sponsored by International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada/INBAR. The improved IPIRTI technology has already been adopted for industrial production in few units in the country. The Bureau of Indian Standard has brought out a specification IS: 13958 for Bamboo Mat Board for general purpose.

Substitute for plywood with comparable strength properties

BMB is environment friendly and energy efficient.

Bamboo mat boards can be made in existing plywood factories without major additional capital investment.

Higher strength than veener plywood alone

Production of BMB is based not only on Ecologically Sound Technology, but also people friendly.

Can be used for Paneling, Partitions, Ceilings, Panel doors, Flush doors, Furniture, etc

The main raw material for the production of BMB is bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant and occurs naturally in the forests and is also suitable for plantation even over degraded lands. For manufacturing BMB, bamboo is to be converted into mats that are hand woven by rural/tribal people, particularly women. Thus, the product is both environment and people friendly