Ph.D Programme

Nodal Officer: Dr. R. Sundararaj, Scientist G

Institute of Wood Science & Technology admits students for Ph.D. degree who will be registered with Forest Research Institute University, Dehra Dun. A total of 85 candidates have registered at IWST for Ph.D. under FRI Deemed University and 20 have been awarded doctoral degree. The Research Disciplines under clause 3.3 of the Ph.D. Ordinance of Forest Research Institute University, Dehra Dun.

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Post-graduate degree in Forestry, Agriculture or Botany


Forest Seed Technology

Post-graduate degree in Forestry, Agriculture or Botany


Forest Genetics

Post-graduate degree in Botany, Agriculture or Forestry with specialization in Genetics


Forest Botany

Post-graduate degree in Botany with specialization in Systematic Botany or Plant Physiology or Wood Anatomy or Biodiversity Conservation or Ethno Botany or Post-graduate degree in Agriculture with specialization in Plant Physiology or Post-graduate degree in Forestry


Forest Pathology

Post-graduate degree in Botany, Forestry, Wood Science & Technology or Agriculture with specialization in Plant Pathology/Microbiology.


Forest Entomology

Post-graduate degree in Forestry, Zoology with specialization in Entomology or Agriculture with specialization in Entomology


Soil Science

Post-graduate degree in Chemistry, Microbiology Geology, Soil Science or Agriculture (with specialization in Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Science)


Forest Ecology & Environment

Post-graduate degree in Biological/Life Science, Environmental Science or Forestry with Specialization in Ecology or Post Graduate Degree in Marine Biology, Post Graduate Degree in Zoology with specialization in Marine Biology


Forest Management

Post-graduate degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Application, Agriculture Forestry, Forestry


Wood Science & Technology

Post-graduate degree in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering or Botany with specialization in Wood Anatomy or Post Graduate Degree in Wood Science & Technology.


Chemistry of Forest Products

Post-graduate degree in Organic Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry or Agricultural Chemistry, MD in Pharmacology or equivalent in Indian System of Medicine, Post Graduate degree in Pharmacology, Industrial Chemistry


Pulp & Paper Technology

Post-graduate degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Paper Technology


Forestry Extension

Post-graduate degree in Agriculture Extension, Forestry


Non Wood Forest Products (NWFP)

Post Graduate degree in Botany/Forestry, Organic Chemistry, Agriculture with specialization in cultivation of medicinal plants, MD in Pharmacology or equivalent in Indian System of Medicine


Forest Biotechnology

Post Graduate degree in Biotechnology, Post graduate degree in life sciences with specialization in Biotechnology/ Post Graduate degree in Biochemistry/Molecular biology/ Microbiology


Forest Bio informatics

Post Graduate degree in Bio informatics or Post graduate degree in Forestry/Botany with minimum one year PG Diploma in Bio informatics from a recognized institution.


Environment Management

Post Graduate degree in Environment Management, Environmental Science, M.Tech Environmental Engineering or Post Graduate degree in Chemistry with specialization in Environmental Chemistry.

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