Wood Preservation

Data on durability of timbers from plantations and from natural forests under untreated as well as on treated with different preservatives have been generated and documented.

Although wood is versatile material for varieties of uses it is biodegradable and needs protection so as to enhance serviceability. Conventional method of treating wood material is by subjecting it to pressure treatment or by diffusion treatment which involve machinery and skilled manpower. Since investment on these is expensive, many small scale wood processing industries are reluctant to adopt the technology. A simple sap displacement technique which does away with the elaborate plant and skilled man power and which can be carried out at felling sites obviating transportation of poles to a centralized pressure treatment plant has been standardized. Species that can be treated with this technique are: Bamboo, Eucalyptus etc. Treatment enhances the life of material by 4-5 folds.

Sap displacement treatment of Eucalyptus poles

We have also tested Eco-friendly wood preservatives prepared from plant extractives like Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) and Neem oil. Copperised neem oil and copperised CNSL treatment gave complete protection against termites and wood rotters to Rubberwood exposed to field conditions for three years.