Forest Protection

Forest Protection (FP) division of institute takes up the work that ensures forest health and protection. Division under takes research on taxonomy, bio-ecology and control of pestiferous insects and infectious fungus and other pathogens. It has taken front role in the pest control, pest out brake reduction and developments of pest management protocol for forestry tree species in forest as well as agroforestry setups. Especially the work on sandalwood tree pest and pathogen control institute has worked widely and has developed bio control programme by using Coccinellides (sap sucking insects) for the management of scales and mealybugs. The institute has undergone studies on some of the major insect pest and diseases associated with woody species like Santalum album, Tectona grandis, Dalbergia latifolia, Melia dubia, Terminalia tomentosa, Acrocarpus fraxinifolius, Grevillea robusta, Bamboo, Mangrove etc., and already developed aptitude in diagnosis, detection and suitable management strategies. Institute has developed suitable capacity in providing technical strategies for health assessment of urban trees and their management.

Work on development of newer eco-friendly wood preservatives as well as efficacy evaluation, dose optimization and treatment method and schedule development studies for solid wood and panel products of newer chemicals developed by industries. The outcome of the natural durability studies and bio-efficacy studies benefits further to revise/strengthen the relevant Indian Standards in accordance to BIS norms. As result of colossal work on wood and wood based insect institute also developed a database on Wood Insects of India, covering details of important timber species and associated wood feeding insects along with their taxonomic status, biological details, host range, etc.