About the Workshop

To Celebrate World Wood Day IWST is organizing a Hybrid Mode Workshop on
Impact of Formaldehyde Emission from Panel Products on Environment
Date : 20th March, 2023, IWST, IPIRTI CAMPUS, Bengaluru.

The global concern in the present day is the release of volatile compounds from wood and wood based panel products. Emphasis is given more towards Formaldehyde a volatile chemical compound used in making resins for the production of composite wood poducts like plywood, particleboard, and medium density fibreboard. The increased use of wood-based composite panels in constructions and furniture products have raised the formaldehyde concentrations in the indoor air of residential and public buildings. IWST has been instrumental in formulating the limits for formaldehyde emission from wood and wood based composites through its intense research on adhesive and process development to minimize formaldehyde emission. The formaldehyde emission limits and the test methods formulated have been implemented in the Indian standard specification with relevance to the products through Bureau of Indian standards.

The Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products Regulations prohibit the import, sale or offer for sale of composite wood products that emit formaldehyde above established limits. To create awareness about the impact of formaldehyde emission this webinar is being organized.

The workshop would focus on the aspects of adhesives and process parameters to minimize the formaldehyde emission from wood and wood based panel products. Create awareness about the emission limits prescribed by various countries that are safe for human inhaling and highlight the various test methods available for determination of formaldehyde emissions.

One-day Programme (Hybrid mode)
Date: 20.03.2023
10.00-10.10 am: Registration and introduction of the participants
10.10–10.55 am: Adhesives and process parameters to minimize the formaldehyde emission by Ms. Sujatha. D, Scientist F.
11.00 – 11.45 am: Test methods and compliance of formaldehyde emission by Dr. Mamatha B. S, Scientist E
11.45 am-12.30 pm: Sheets/Film based binding agent for plywood by Dr. Vipin K. Chawla, Scientist E
12.30-1.00 pm: Impact of Formaldehyde emission from panel products on environment, by Ms. Sujatha. D, Scientist F.
1.00 – 2.00 pm: Lunch break
2.00 – 5.00 pm: Visit to the facilities at IWST-IPIRTI CAMPUS.

All the presentation of the topics will be organized in hybrid mode (both physical and online)

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