The division has got a collection of more than 3500 authentic samples collected from different countries as well as from India. It also has a rich collection of microscopic slides for research purposes. Collection of authentic wood samples was initiated by Dr. M.N. Ramaswamy, the then Head of Forest Research Laboratory. Dr. M.N. Ramaswamy, whenever visited foreign countries, collected authentic wood samples by exchanging Indian wood samples from various countries like Japan, Maleysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Bangaldesh. The Wood samples has authentic numbers and also some information about the physical features of the samples. Wood samples were also collected from FRI Dehra Dun xylarium. Later Dr. B.G.L. Swamy brought uniqueness to Xylarium by giving shape of book to wood samples giving the impression of wood library. Wood sections were backed by the microscopic slides. Later, 30 species of wood samples from western Ghats which were converted to wood samples and given to education institutions whenever requested to display and educate students on wood. Presently, in addition to wood samples, the xylarium also has disc collection and proto-type products made out of plantation grown timbers based on research carried out by the division.