Wood Polymer Composite

Composie materials combine more than one material so as to take advantage of the properties of both tyrpes of materials. Blending of natural fibres with thermoplastic to get a new composite material. These composites can be moulded or profile extruded like plastics.

WPC is a hybrid material produced from natural wood and plastic fibre. Since the composition of the wood keeps changing, it does not need regular maintenance or polishing, which is otherwise necessary for wood items. WPC makes the product light but strong.

Utilizing woody and other lignocellulosic waste for high value products and converting plastic products greener.

Superior in strength and stiffness than plastic and dimensionally stable

They do not heat up and have no toxic substances like plastic, which has health hazards

It is a versatile engineered product and combines the best of modern process technology with aesthetic beauty of natural wood

Reduces Carbon footprint and provide green outlook to products

There is no need to use logs to create the product; even waste logs and remaining wooden particles can be used in making these items. This ensures there is no wastage, which makes it completely eco-friendly,