Tree Improvement

Genetically superior trees with good heartwood and high content of oil have been selected from southern India. Seventy nine candidate (plus) trees has been identified. These are maintained at the IWST germ plasm bank in Gottipura (Bangalore, Karnataka). Clonal seed orchards of these plus trees are maintained at Nallal and Jarakabande (Bangalore District) and at the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department Research Center, BIOTRIM, at Tirupathi (Andhra Diseases and Pests Tree Improvement Pradesh). First generation plants raised through these seeds showed promising results. Screening for disease resistance and breeding for high quality of sandal oil and heartwood is underway.

Govt. of India encouraging by extending the subsidy through National Medicinal Plant Board and National Horticultural Mission for the growers of Santalum album along with other fruit yielding and medicinal host plants like: Psidium guajava, Emblica officinalis, Manilkara zapota, Punica granatum, Aloe vera, Melia dubia, etc.


Ø viewed on 20th August 2015