1.            Research on sandal (value addition/utilization aspects).  (1997-2000), PI: Sri. K.H. Shankaranarayana.

2.                Chemical induction of heartwood in Sandal. (2000 – 2006), PI. Sri. K.H. Shankaranarayana.

3.            Refinement of protocols for rapid clonal propagation of sandal and red sanders: demonstration of field performance and evaluation of genetic fidelity. (2003-2006), PI: Dr. T.S. Rathore. Funded by Deportment of Biotechnology.

4.                Development of colouring reagents based on enzyme -substrate reaction for differentiating oil yielders of sandal in field. (2002 - 2007), PI: Sri. V.G. Angadi

5.                Variation in photosynthesis in clones of sandal and eucalyptus. (2003 - 2005), PI: Dr. A.N. Arun Kumar.

6.              Studies on the entomofaunal diversity and their interactions in selected provenances of sandal (Funding Agency: Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF)) [2004-2007]

7.                Studies on the sucking pest complexes of Sandal and their management. (2004-2007), PI: Dr. R. Sundararaj.

8.                Main Project: Research on Sandal

World Bank Project Investigators: Dr. T.S. Rathore, Sri. H.S. Ananthapadmanabha (August 1998, Retd); Sri. C.R. Rangaswamy (October, 1998, Retd); Sri. K.S. Theagarajan (May 2000, Retd.)

Ø      Sub project I:  Identify provenance areas, collect and test seeds to develop a gene base for genetic improvement.

Ø      Sub project II: Develop nursery practices including in vivo and in-vitro propagation techniques for mass production of high quality planting stock of Sandal.

Ø      Sub project III: Develop suitable silvicultural and management practices for raising high quality plantations on a range of sites paying special attention to Sandal in farm forestry.

Ø      Sub project IV:  Study of various pests and pathogens and development of suitable protective measures.

Ø      Sub project V: Study variations in the heartwood and oil productivity and quality between different provenances and progeny with a view to develop productive clonal planting material. 

9.      Reassessing the population status of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) in Karnataka, Dr. Arun Kumar.

10.  Investigations on chemical composition and utility of AESP oil from exhausted sandalwood powder, IWST Project.

11.  Allele Mining for Fragrance and Colour Principles from Saffron and Sandalwood, Funded by State Government. Anand Agricultural University, Gujarat

12.  Micropropagation Protocol Date palm, Jatropha, Sandal wood Genetic Improvement in Cumin, Rice, Castor, Maize, etc. (Tissue culture Research) Anand Agricultural University, Gujarat.

13.  Conservation of sandal germplasm, production of quality planting stock and promotion of sandal cultivation.  Syam Viswanath and others 2006-2009.