Seed Technology

Seed Collection

Santalum album fruits are collected fresh from more than 20 years old trees and are soaked in water and rubbed to remove the soft pulp; then it will be dried.

Seed Storage:

Seeds are naked, lack testa and are dried and stored in polybags or gunny bags.

Sandalwood Seed

Ø      Shape: Round

Ø      Color: Dark Brown

Ø      Usage: Germination (not for oil extraction)

Ø      Age: Fresh (less than a year, good for germination)

Ø      Collection: Mother tree should be more than 20 years old

Ø      Availability: Two seasons per year

Ø      Category: Tree / Forestry Seeds

Seed Biology:

Ø      No. of seeds per Kg: 6,000

Ø      Purity percent:  78

Ø      Moisture percentage: 7.6

Ø      Germination percentage: 30

Ø      Plant percent: 15

Ø      No. of seedlings per Kg. of seed: 900


Acid scarification with concentrated H2SO4 for 30 minutes with string and washing in running water, or soak the seeds in 0.05% gibberellic acid overnight.


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