1. Patent Number(s): US2015073027-A1

Title: Aqueous-containing topical, cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition having a neutral to acidic pH, comprises ergothioneine, and trimethylamine absorber comprising a weak acid.

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2. Patent Number(s): IN201404383-I4

Title: Method for simultaneous synthesis of gold metal nanospheres and nanorods, involves preparing aqueous gold metal salt solution and adding to aqueous leaf extract, and confirming nanoparticle synthesis by ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry.

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3. Patent Number(s): CN104095901-A

Title: Medicine useful for treating early acute postpartum mastitis, comprises Angelica, balloon flower and liquorice.

Patent Assignee(s): GAO X., (GAOX-Individual).

4. Patent Number(s): KR2014142777-A

Title: Manufacturing jehotang, comprises removing shell and seeds of Japanese apricot and slicing, fumigating pre-processed Japanese apricot, fermenting with saccharides and prepared powders of e.g. fructus amomi and fructus tsaoko, and filtering.

Inventor Name(s): O. J. S., Patent Assignee(s): O J S (OJSS-Individual)

5. Patent Number(s): CN104041685-A

Title: Fermented feed useful for e.g. promoting digestion contains millet, buckwheat, wheat bran powder, persimmon leaves, broad bean skin, melon seed, highland barley flour, vitamin E, Erigeron annuus, ginseng leaves, wine, and Zinnia.

Inventor Name(s): Fan, Z., Patent Assignee(s): Fan, Z., (FANZ-Individual).

6. Patent Number(s): CN104041690-A

Title: Feed useful for improving carp fish meat, contains corn, black bean, papaya leaves, white gourd, black tea, mulberry twig powder, turpentine, carrot seed, pumpkin leaf powder, lotus seed powder, yeast, brown sugar and auxiliary agent.

Inventor Name(s): Fan, Z., Patent Assignee(s): Fan, Z., (FANZ-Individual).

7. Patent Number(s): US2014271943-A1; WO2014149424-A1

Title: Dietary composition, used to prevent or treat idiopathic vomiting in companion animal (domestic cat), comprises at least one plant material or extract for inhibiting 5-hydroxytryptamine-3a serotonin receptor and/or neurokinin-1 receptor.

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Patent Assignee(s): IAMS CO (PROC-C); IAMS CO (PROC-C)

8. Patent Number(s): WO2014160279-A1

Title: Cream formulation useful in preparation of medicament for treating skin disorder e.g. acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, fungal infection and diaper rash, in e.g. human comprises sandalwood oil, antioxidants and phosphate buffer.

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9. Patent Number(s): KR1428370-B1

Title: Natural perfume composition useful for reproducing neroli fragrance and in cosmetic composition comprises e.g. lemon peel oil, Citrus tangerina peel oil, Cananga odorata flower oil, Rosa damascena flower oil and Santalum album oil.

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10. Patent Number(s): ES2464692-A1

Title: Pharmaceutical composition used for improving female sexual response, comprises oil selected from Prunus amygdalus oil, Simmondsia chinensis oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Santalum album oil or Pogostemon cablin oil.

Inventor Name(s): Moran, Rey, J., Patent Assignee(s): CNCE INNOVACION SL (CNCE-Non-standard)

11. Patent Number(s): CN103768392-A

Title: Chinese herbal medicine in form of liquid useful for treating fracture, contains Buddleja asiatica, rhizome of Gynura divaricata, Pothos repens, Fritillaria, sea cucumber, Trifoliate acanthopanax root and Embelia parviflora.

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12. Patent Number(s): IN201100771-I3

Title: Preparing herbal cigarette used for e.g. reducing risk of mouth cancer, by threshing herbal ingredients, drying treated herbal ingredients, flavoring cut dried ingredients, rolling ingredients in cigarette paper, and fitting filter.

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13. Patent Number(s): WO2014067007-A1

Title: New host cell comprising a nucleic acid molecule encoding a cytochrome P450 oxidase or cytochrome P450 reductase, useful for producing a cytochrome P450 oxidase or cytochrome P450 reductase and for producing santalol and/or bergamotol.

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Title: Sandalwood or its water or ethanol extract used for preparing sunscreen composition e.g. anti-UVB radiation sunscreen

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15. Patent Number(s): IN201002969-I4

Title: Herbal formulation, useful to prevent and/or treat obesity and/or hyperlipidemia, comprises Pterocarpus plant extract e.g. Pterocarpus marsupium, green coffee bean extract and Caralluma plant extract e.g. Caralluma fimbriata.

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Patent Assignee(s): BAL PHARMA LTD (BALP-Non-standard)

16. Patent Number(s): IN201002226-I1

Title: Flavored ayurvedic formulation, e.g. used for improving immunity, includes dashmool, Sida cordifolia, Phaseolus trilobus, Emblica officinalis, clarified butter, Bambusa bambos, Mesua ferrea, Abhrak bhasma, honey, and flavoring agent

Inventor Name(s): Rai, R.K., Kumar, D., Singh, R., Jaipuriar, P., Katiyar, C. K.,

Patent Assignee(s): DABUR INDIA LTD (DABU-Non-standard)

17. Patent Number(s): CN103430925-A

Title: Use of trapping plant for controlling yellow wild borer, comprises Kuhnia rosmarinifolia Vent and Santalum album.

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18. Patent Number(s): US2014017182-A1; WO2014011611-A1

Title: Topical formulation, useful for decreasing or preventing UV-induced skin damage such as skin aging and carcinogenesis, comprises a photolyase, an endonuclease, and a carrier or excipient.

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Patent Assignee(s): PRECISION DERMATOLOGY INC (PREC-Non-standard);

19. Patent Number(s): US2013315846-A1

Title: Composition used to e.g. increase volume or firmness in skin and/or moisturize skin, includes e.g. cyclopentasiloxane, silica, glycerin, dimethicone, pentylene glycol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, phenoxyethanol and titanium dioxide.

Inventor Name(s): Collier, J., Sanchez, M., Patel, A., Zhao, W., Jacoby, P., Florence, T., Hines, M., Gan, D.,

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20. Patent Number(s): KR2013054610-A

Title: Preparing herbal tea used for e.g. delaying aging, by mixing herbs and water, fermenting and sterilizing product, concentrating and freeze-drying product, and crushing obtained product

Inventor Name(s): Seo, E. J.,

Patent Assignee(s): Seo, E. J., (SEOE-Individual)

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Title: Treating or preventing a Clostridium infection in a subject comprises administering a composition comprising sandalwood oil.

Inventor Name(s): Clements, I., Castella, P., Levenson, C.,

Patent Assignee(s): SANTALIS PHARM INC (SANT-Non-standard);

Abstract: Novelty - Treating or preventing a Clostridium infection in a subject, comprises administering a composition comprising sandalwood oil, where the subject has a Clostridium infection or is at risk of developing a Clostridium infection.

22. Patent Number(s): IN201103259-I1

Title: Bioniosome composition useful for targeted delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients e.g. Minoxidil, comprises biosurfactant, cholesterol, and cetyl alcohol.

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Patent Assignee(s): Madhav, N.V.S., (MADH-Individual)

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Title: Agent used in composition and foodstuff and drinks for preventing periodontal disease in oral cavity, comprises plant extract chosen from Cassia mimosoides, Rhus aromatica, Chinese knotweed, Polygonum multiflorum and Salix alba.

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Patent Assignee(s): LOTTE CO LTD (LOTT-C)

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Title: Skin care composition e.g. anti-aging composition comprises a combination of comprehensive topical anti-aging ingredients selected from e.g. DNA repair, cellular repair, anti-wrinkle, and pro-collagen categories of anti-aging ingredients.

Inventor Name(s): Alexiades Armenakas, M.,

Patent Assignee(s): NY DERM LLC (NYDE-Non-standard);

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Title: Reconstituted food uses food binding agent containing aromatic medical herbs.

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Title: Composition useful for preventing and treating neurodegenerative diseases e.g. Alzheimer disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis and enhancing learning capability and memory, comprises Santalum album extract or its fraction.

Inventor Name(s): Jang, C.G.,


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Title: Moxibustion medicinal composition comprises first reagent comprising e.g. sandalwood, herba saussureae involucratae, fructus corni, Corydalis rhizome, Codonopsis pilosula, Angelica, and Panax pseudoginseng, second reagent, and third reagent

Inventor Name(s): Zhang, X.,

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Title: Skin care protocol comprises presenting patient for examination, grading patient's skin aging, applying anti-aging cream/lotion to face, comparing patient's resultant skin quality to list of defined anti-aging categories and targeting.

Inventor Name(s): Alexiades-Armenakas, M.,

Patent Assignee(s): NY DERM LLC (NYDE-Non-standard);

29. Patent Number(s): CN102258467-A; CN102258467-B

Title: Slow-release fatty emulsion useful for intravenous injection, comprises artemisinin, plant oil, lecithin, polyethylene glycol-phospholipids derivative, slow-releasing agent, stabilizer, isotonic agent, vitamin E and chelant

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Patent Assignee(s): XIAN LIBANG PHARM CO LTD (XIAN-Non-standard)
30. Patent Number(s): FR2958500-A1; FR2958500-B1

Title: Insecticide, insect repellent, ovicide, larvicide, nymphicide composition, useful to destruct flying and crawling insects, their eggs, larvae, and nymphs, comprises essential oil, proteolytic enzyme, and amphoteric surfactant

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31. Patent Number(s): JP2011184455-A

Title: Agent useful e.g. as oral cavity composition for inhibiting methioninase useful for suppressing production of methyl mercaptan e.g. for suppressing mouth odor, comprises extract of plant e.g. Prunus salicina and Xylopia aethiopica

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Patent Assignee(s): LOTTE CO LTD (LOTT-C)

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Title: Treating a non-skin cancer e.g. breast cancer and pancreatic cancer, comprises administering a composition comprising sandalwood oil that is from Santalum album and/or Santalum spicatum

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Patent Assignee(s): SANTALIS PHARM INC (SANT-Non-standard)

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Title: A new method of treating burned skin in a form of spraying medicament and Chinese medicine compound used in emergency treatment procedure-

Inventor Name(s): Liang, J.,

Patent Assignee(s): Liang, J., (LIAN-Individual)

34. Patent Number(s): JP2011157317-A

Title: Melanin production promoter for gray hair inhibiting agent comprises Ficus bengalensis, balsam pear (Momordica charantia), Leptadenia reticulata, Mimusops elengi, and/or vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) plant extract as an active ingredient

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Title: Novel herbal dental and oral care composition for sensitive teeth

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Patent Assignee(s): Kumar, S., (KUMA-Individual)

36. Patent Number(s): CN101816358-A

Title: Processing needle-shaped Santalum album tea comprises spreading the leaf of Santalun album tree, cooling, removing water from the spread tea leaf using a boiler, kneading, primarily drying and shaping by a vibrating tea treating device.

Inventor Name(s): Zhang, Z., Pang, S., Peng, G., Zhao, C., Lai, Z., Luo, Z., Miao, A., Sun, S., Zeng, Q., Peng, C.,

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Title: External traditional Chinese medicine, useful for curing e.g. hydrocephalus, comprises e.g. ligusticus wallichii franchet, Acorus tatarinowii schott, Asarum sieboldii, Notopterygium incisum, Acorus, Nepeta and Saposhnikovia divaricata

Inventor Name(s): Wang, F.,


38. Patent Number(s): JP2010208967-A; JP5429851-B2

Title: Agent useful in skin external preparation and cosmetics for scavenging oxygen radical, preferably active oxygen and singlet oxygen and improving wrinkle, skin roughening and skin aging, comprises Santalum album extract.

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Title: Selecting topical composition to improve appearance or skin condition of user, involves classifying skin composition of user based on collected data, and selecting composition comprising mixture of fermented Chinese herbal extracts.

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40. Patent Number(s): CN101803662-A

Title: Preparing tea involves selecting and spreading leaves of Santalum album for cooling Followed by putting into water-removing pot for removing water.

Inventor Name(s): Zhang, Z., Pang, S., Peng, G., Zhao, C., Lai, Z., Luo, Z., Miao, A., Sun, S., Zeng, Q., Peng, C.,

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41. Patent Number(s): CN101745085-A

Title: Pill used for e.g. relieving pain, comprises musk, liquid storax, fructus gleditsiae, Santalum album, clove, frankincense, borneol, ginseng, longstamen onion bulb, cinnamon, dry ginger, refined monkshood, fructus psoraleae and nitroglycerin

Inventor Name(s): Ni, F.,

Patent Assignee(s): Ni, F., (NIFF-Individual)

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Title: Process for preparing ayurvedic herbal composition effective against body pain and composition thus prepared

Inventor Name(s): Biswazit, B.,

Patent Assignee(s): Biswazit, B., (BISW-Individual)

43. Patent Number(s): IN194307-B

Title: Method of preparation of herbal insect repellent.

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44. Patent Number(s): IN187339-B

Title: Process for preparing ayurvedic tonic and restorative preparation for providing sufficient energy to body and having booster, relaxant, digestive and restorative properties

Inventor Name(s): Sharma, N., Sharma, P.,

Patent Assignee(s): EMAMI LTD (EMAM-Non-standard)

45. Patent Number(s): CN101595825-A

Title: Santalum album seedling quick breeding method, involves seeding treated santalum album seed to culture soil to culture at specific degrees centigrade and with humidity of specific percentages.

Inventor Name(s): Cai, Y., Huang, S., Mo, X., Wang, Y., Yang, Y., Zeng, Q., Zhang, X.,


46. Patent Number(s): WO2009152389-A2; US2009310839-A1; WO2009152389-A3

Title: System for conducting inhibition diagnostic testing by user has Petri dish, sterile swab, media packet, applied material composition, incubator to develop clearance zone around applied essential oil, and analysis units for zone image.

Inventor Name(s): Katzenelson, I, L., Katzenelson, O, Y.,

Patent Assignee(s): Katzenelson, O, Y., (KATZ-Individual); Katzenelson, I, L., (KATZ-Individual)

47. Patent Number(s): IN200000364-I1

Title: Tissue culture protocol for high frequency direct multiple shoot regeneration of sandalwood (Santalum album) for its micro propagation, mass multiplication and conservation

Inventor Name(s): Golait, A., Kanungo, S., Sarangi, B. K., Thakre, R.,


48. Patent Number(s): IN200802520-I3

Title: Compositions for simulating hair growth, preventing hair loss or minimizing hair loss, and methods for preparing and using same

Inventor Name(s): Patel, P.,

Patent Assignee(s): Patel, P., (PATE-Individual)

49. Patent Number(s): CN101422551-A

Title: Chinese medicinal liquid for eliminating body odor and strengthening body, comprises agilawood, Asarum, Santalum album, Semen benincasae, Gynostemma pentaphylla, Arillus longan, yam, Trichosanthes root, clove and vanilla grass

Inventor Name(s): Ji, N.,

Patent Assignee(s): Ji, N., (JINN-Individual)

50. Patent Number(s): KR2008096995-A; KR1380554-B1

Title: Disposable absorbent article, e.g. sanitary pad, comprises liquid permeable upper sheet, absorbent core and liquid impervious back sheet containing non-capsulated natural flavors and/or extracts.

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Patent Assignee(s): YUHAN-KIMBERLY LTD (YUHA-Non-standard)

51. Patent Number(s): KR2008071730-A; KR1345336-B1

Title: Pharmaceutical or food composition for preventing and treating thrombotic disease e.g. arteriolosclerosis, comprises extract of mixture consisting of Fructus mume, Fructus amomi, Amomum tsao-ko and Santalum album

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Patent Assignee(s): KOREA INST ORIENTAL MEDICINE (KOOR-Non-standard)

52. Patent Number(s): US2009047372-A1

Title: Producing topical solution composition comprises providing a grape extract and adding aqueous solution with a carbomer base, where the carbomer base acts as emulsion stabilizer and grape extract is subjected to fermentation process.

Inventor Name(s): Miller, C.,

Patent Assignee(s): Miller, C., (MILL-Individual)

53. Patent Number(s): IN200100916-I1; IN232431-B

Title: Process for extraction of yellow dye from flower of Santalum album

Inventor Name(s): Gupta, M, M., Singh, B, L., Verma, R, K., Kumar, S.,


54. Patent Number(s): CN101213936-A; CN100551232-C

Title: Propagating tissue culture of Santalum album, by providing buds taken from mature good Santalum tree for culture, propagating the bud cluster, culturing for root propagation, and transplanting the plantlets

Inventor Name(s): Ma, G., Hu, Y., Zhang, X., He, Z., Zhou, J.,


55. Patent Number(s): IN200601321-I2

Title: Ointment for recovering from burning and method of producing ointment

Inventor Name(s): Patit, P, S.,

Patent Assignee(s): Patit, P, S., (PATI-Individual)

56. Patent Number(s): JP2008163014-A

Title: 11 (beta) hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 inhibitor useful as prophylactic or therapeutic agent for obesity, obtained using plant extracts of turmeric, Perilla, balsam pear, mint, spearmint or raspberry leaf, as active ingredient

Inventor Name(s): Tominaga, K., Yokota, S., Arai, N., Kitagawa, M., Hamada, K., Kishida, H., Masuzaki, H.,

Patent Assignee(s): KANEKA CORP (KANF-C)

57. Patent Number(s): US2008057017-A1; US8030260-B2

Title: Preshave composition useful as personal lubricant for facilitating shaving of hair e.g. facial hair, leg hair and underarm hair comprises polyalkylene glycol component and an additional component e.g. cationic surfactant.

Inventor Name(s): Harrison, J, J.,

Patent Assignee(s): CHEMSIL SILICONES INC (CHEM-Non-standard)

58. Patent Number(s): CN201002304-Y

Title: Adobe-cutting machine for simple nonmotile brick and tile, has baffle and cutter fixed on front and back tail ends of cutting frame, and superordination frame including guide-way fixed in relative route with front and back ends of cutter.

Inventor Name(s): Liu, Y.,

Patent Assignee(s): Liu, Y., (LIUY-Individual)

59. Patent Number(s): IN200400934-I4

Title: Herbal water products like Indian goose berry, Ocium sanctum, Azadirachta indica, Aegle marmelos, Santalum album, Solanum trilobatum, Eclipta alba, Eclipta procena, Phyllanthus niruri used for all types herbal plants.

Inventor Name(s): Devaraj, K.,

Patent Assignee(s): Devaraj, K., (DEVA-Individual)

60. Patent Number(s): JP2007238485-A; KR886494-B1; KR2007092127-A; JP4778813-B2

Title: Methioninase inhibitor for suppressing production of nasty-smell substance methyl mercaptan, suppressing/removing halitosis and preventing periodontal disease, comprises plant extract from log wood (Haematoxylon campechianum).

Inventor Name(s): Ito, S., Naruse, A., Shimura, S., Atsushi, N., Satomi, I., Susumu, S., Narise, A.,


61. Patent Number(s): KR2007010216-A; KR1220903-B1

Title: Skin external composition comprising natural extract showing strong collagenase inhibition effect with safety to skin.

Inventor Name(s): Cho, H, S., Lee, S, H., Kang, S, J.,


62. Patent Number(s): WO2007066305-A1

Title: Preparation, useful for the prophylaxis or treatment of pain e.g. pain of arthritis, muscles and joint, comprises sesquiterpene compounds of a composition containing the sesquiterpene compounds

Inventor Name(s): Bothma, T, T., Rossouw, J, H., Richards, A., Cronje, J, P.,

Patent Assignee(s): ZELPY 2549 PTY LTD (ZELP-Non-standard)

63. Patent Number(s): IN200500391-I3; IN248774-B

Title: Joss stick and its method comprises intimate mixture prepared in golden vessel on sunday in dematerialized water of base or fumigant made from Sawdust, coconut shell powder as combustible materials and litsea chinesis as binder.

Inventor Name(s): Gaikwad, R, R., Mahashabde, S.,

Patent Assignee(s): Gaikwad, R, R., (GAIK-Individual)

64. Patent Number(s): IN200500377-I3; IN236275-B

Title: Joss and its manufacture comprises preparing intimate mixture in silver vessel on Monday using demineralized water of base or fumigant

Inventor Name(s): Gaikwad, R, R.,

Patent Assignee(s): Gaikwad, R, R., (GAIK-Individual)

65. Patent Number(s): FR2886544-A1

Title: Cosmetic use of essential oils to prevent and/or treat cutaneous dehydration and the damages causing a hydrous stress on the fibroblasts and to increase the viability of fibroblasts, in vitro culture, subjected to a hydrous stress

Inventor Name(s): Aurrens, C., Laperdrix, C., Poirier, F.,

Patent Assignee(s): KIOTIS SAS (KIOT-Non-standard)

66. Patent Number(s): CN1814236-A; CN1305514-C

Title: Qishiwei turguoise pills, comprises turquoise, yanjinggao, pearl, largeleaf gentian root, haitum violaceum, moschus, regel, nutmeg seed, pokeberry root, dracocephalum and tanguticum maxim

Inventor Name(s): Jiumei, P.,

Patent Assignee(s): Jiumei, P., (JIUM-Individual)

67. Patent Number(s): FR2885048-A1

Title: Cosmetic use of essential oils for obtaining a preventive and/or curative effect of a cutaneous dehydration.

Patent Assignee(s): KIOTIS SAS (KIOT-Non-standard)

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Title: Herbal ayurvedic composition for treatment of psoriasis.

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Patent Assignee(s): Jhunjhunwala, M, K., (JHUN-Individual)

69. Patent Number(s): IN200500989-I1; WO2006111830-A2; IN244788-B; WO2006111830-A3; US2007042054-A1

Title: Herbal formulation useful against erectile dysfunction, also for inducing sexual desire comprises fiber/powder/granules of aerial parts of plants selected from e.g. Marticaria chamomilla, Hygrophila auriculata

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Title: Herbal formulation useful for suppressing appetite and relieving asthma, improving digestion comprises fiber/powder/granules of aerial parts of plants selected from e.g. Marticaria chamomilla, Hygrophila auriculata

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Title: Anti-acne composition containing plant oil, especially related to composition containing plant essential oil with excellent anti-bacterial activity to propionibacterium acnes and skin safety.

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Title: Treatment of water for reuse, e.g. irrigation, by filtering via medium having primary media of zeolites and/or clays, secondary media of carbonaceous materials and tertiary media of inorganic calcium containing materials, and oil sanitizing.

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Title: Herbal composition for boosting energy and relieving anxiety.

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Title: Herbal composition for improving vigor and bone strength and its preparation.

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Title: Herbal composition useful as repellent against to insects, micro-organisms, and for air purification is prepared by mixing ingredient e.g. Margosa, Clove, Holy Basil, Wallchii, resin, Mangifera Indica, Santalum Album, Ficus Bengalensis

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Title: Cleansing composition for use as shampoo composition used in cleansing and conditioning a hair comprises surfactant(s), nonvolatile silicone(s), and hydrogenated phospholipid suspending agent(s).

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Title: Ophthalmic eye preparation useful for treating various eye diseases and dry eye syndrome comprises a mixture of herbal extracts e.g. Ocimum sanctum, Curcuma longa and Carum copticum, or synthetic equivalent of such extracts

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Title: Preparation of mono and bimetallic nanoparticles for e.g. catalysts comprises reacting aqueous metal ion solution with aqueous plant extract in water at for predetermined time period at predetermined temperature range.

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Title: Aromatherapy delivery system for person or animal e.g. dog, comprises double-layered pouch of vapor-permeable material with sealable opening for inserting aromatherapy sachet materials and opposed securing straps.

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Title: Chinese medicine composition for environmental sanitation comprises specific plant species and emulsifying agents in which plant species are dissolved

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Title: Herbal product useful for strengthening teeth made by mixing lotus, Ficus religiosa, dried ginger powder, lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), nishrth, red sandal, sandal (Santalum album), Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum), mustard and Samudra Zag

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Title: Biologically active oil manufacture process involves extracting biologically active components from vegetable matter, which is treated and extracted with nonpolar solvent to produce extract solution, and its evaporation.

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Title: Pharmaceutical composition for treatment and prevention of insomnia and seizure, contains perfume component of herbal material

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Title: Producing method of pickle cucumber includes salting cucumbers in saline water after washing them with purified water, preparing a seasoning solution, preserving cucumbers in the seasoning solution.

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Title: Composition containing extract derived from natural products having growth-inhibition activity against dandruff causing microorganism.

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Title: Treatment of human papillomavirus induced tumors such as warts and Molluscum contagiosum comprises administration of a composition containing alpha- and/or beta-santalols

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Title: Raw materials for hair nourishing agents and hair nourishing compositions.

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Title: Herbal insect repellent formulations, particularly useful against mosquitoes and houseflies, comprise Cymbopogon winterianus, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, Artemisia annua, Litsea glutinosa and Acacia nilotica.

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Title: Production of nematicidal composition by bacterial digestion of plant fibrous material

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Title: Perfume compsn. for treating insomnia - contains iris based perfume, sandalwood based perfume and rose based perfume.

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Title: Fresh prepn. contg. aq. extract of Santalum album L - which is safe cosmetic having good skin-whitening effect

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Title: Pharmaceutical substances for respiratory tract treatment - contg. combination of Berberidis sibrica, Aquilegia viridifolia or Aconitum chinensis, liquorice, Carthamus tinctorius, Santalum album.

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Title: Herbal compsns. for treating stress, circulatory disorders, etc. - contains e.g. comminuted Achaciae catechu, Andropogen muriaticus and Santalum album.

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