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Sandalwood: Farming and Management of its Health

Basics of raising healthy nurseries and plantations of sandalwood with special focus on good silvicultural practices for the best health of sandalwood; management of pest and disease of sandalwood with practical demonstrations in field; economics; oil extraction and protection details.


Bamboo Tissue Culture

Preparation of media; Aseptic techniques; Explant collection, processing and surface sterilization; Inoculation techniques for shoot initiation; In vitro shoot multiplication; In vitro and ex vitro rooting; Clonal fidelity testing; Potting mixture preparation; Methods of hardening of in vitro and ex vitro rooted plants at mist chamber.


Bamboo: Propagation and Management

Bamboo distribution; taxonomy; identification; nursery and propagation methods; precision farming and sustainable management of bamboo plantations; methods of bamboo harvesting.


Sandalwood: Establishment and Maintenance of Healthy Nurseries and Plantations

Seed and nursery technology of sandalwood with hands on training; management of pests and diseases in sandalwood nursery and plantations with special focus on good silvicultural practices for best health of sandalwood; sandalwood trade; economics; protection; utilization and assessment of oil content and demonstration of oil extraction; policy and schemes of Forest Department for encouraging raisin of sandalwood plantations; visit to relevant laboratories and sandalwood plantations.


Wood Modification and Composites

Basics of wood and wood properties; wood bio-degradation; weathering of wood; need for modification; techniques of wood modification (chemical, thermal and impregnation); value addition and protection of wood by modification


Bamboo: Nursery Techniques, Plantation Management, Harvesting and Utilization

Bamboo resource distribution; taxonomy and identification; nursery and propagation methods; genetic improvement of bamboos; clump management; methods of bamboo harvesting; bamboo grading and marketing; value additionand one day field visit to bambusetum and bamboo experimental trails at Gottipura and Nallal


Sandalwood: Tissue Culture Techniques

Demonstration on Media preparation; Explant collection; Surface sterilization and inoculation; Shoot multiplication and rooting; Potting mixture preparation and hardening in mist chamber.


 Wood Seasoning and Preservation

Wood seasoning and preservation, basic concepts of wood seasoning; methods of wood seasoning; seasoning schedules; drying defects and their control; different types of wood preservatives; methods of wood treatment and safety measures i.e. handing issues, protection from weathering and wood coating, wood modification; wood degradation by different kinds of bio-organisms (fungi, termites, borers etc.) and marine biodegrading and about their preventive measures.


Field Identification of Important Timbers

Field Identification of 25 commercial timbers, Method of identification (Physical properties and internal structural features)


Seed handling, Nursery and Plantation Technology

Components of nursery; propagation techniques; composting; concept of root trainers based seedling production; seed technology; supplementary nutrition; bio-fertilizers; pest management in nursery and quality assessment of seedlings (includes one day field tour and half day field visit to KSDL).


Extraction and Quality Assessment of Sandalwood and other Essential Oils 

Basics of essential oil; extraction techniques of essential oil; quality assessment of essential oil; Value addition of essential oil; practical demonstration of essential oil extraction and testing of essential oil for quality control


Plant Molecular Biology Techniques

Handling of equipments used in molecular biology; Hands-on DNA extraction from different plant tissues and its quantification; Hands-on DNA separation by AGE and PAGE; Demonstration of PCR and its application in genetic diversity analysis, clonal fidelity testing of TC plants, DNA barcoding; InsilicoDNA analysis tool/software.


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