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Dr. Ritesh Tailor

Designation: Scientist - D

Qualification: M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D. (STATISTICS)

Area of Specialization: Sampling Techniques

Research Interests: Sampling

Expertise and Other Interest:
                                              DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS,
                                              ANALYSIS  OF VARIANCE

Research Publication :

Number of research papers published: 10

Details of Research Papers Published:

  1. An Improved Estimator of Population Mean using Power Transformation. Journal of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics. Vol. 58, (2), pp. 223-230, 2004.

  2. Estimation of Finite Population Mean with known Coefficient of Variation of an Auxiliary Character. STATISTICA. anno. LXV, n.3, pp.301-313, 2005. (Italy)

  3. Estimation of Means with known Coefficient of Variation of an Auxiliary Variable in Two-Phase Sampling. Journal of Statistics in Transition. Vol. 7, (6), pp. 1327-1344, 2006. (Poland)

  4. Estimation of Finite Population Mean using Power Transformation. International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences. Vol.2, (2), pp. 341-345, 2006.

  5. Primary education of Scheduled Tribes Children in India- A statistical Note. Tribal health Bulletin, 12, 1&2. 2006, (NCERT, New Delhi)

  6. Quintile Estimation in Successive Sampling: Journal of the Korean Statistical Society. 36: 4, pp 543-556, 2007 (Korea)

  7. Participation of Scheduled Castes Children at Primary Stage in India. Journal of Indian Education. Vol. 33,2 ,pp.98-107.2007 (NCERT, New Delhi)

  8. Estimation of Finite Population Mean using Two Auxiliary Variables in Sample Surveys. Journal of the Modal Assisted Statistics and Applications. Vol. 3,4 pp.297-303, 2008. (Netherlands)

  9. Duals of Mohanty and Sahoo’s Estimators STATISTICA. anno. LXVIII, n.n.3-4, pp.411-433, 2008. (Italy)

  10. Estimation of Population Variance in Successive Sampling. Journal of Quality and Quantity, 2010. (Netherlands)

Any other Information :

  • 10 Years Research Experience.

  • 10 Years Teaching Experience of Under Graduate Classes.

Communication Address:

Dr. Ritesh Tailor

Scientist- D

Extesnion Division

Institute of Wood Science and Technology

18th Cross, Malleshwaram

Bangalore- 560003

Tel:  0091-80-22190199(O)

Fax: 0091-80-23340529

E-Mail: rtailor@icfre.org


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