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Information on functionality, duties, Intercom telephone directory and list of files maintained in all the divisions and sections of IWST


Account Section

Campus Officer

Chemistry of Forest Product Division

Coordinator Facilities, Vehicle section and RTI

Establishment Section

Extension Division

Forest Biometry Division

Forest Wood Protection Division

FRI University

Office of Group Coordinator

Hindi Cell

Intercom Telephone directory

IT Cell

Library Section

Office of Range Forest Officer

Office of the Director

Policy Research and Marketing Division

Purchase Section

Store Section

Tree Improvement and Genetics Division

Wood Biodegradation Division (Marine)

Wood Processing Division

Wood Properties and Engineered Wood Division

Quarterly Report (January - March 2016)

Quarterly Report (April - June 2016)

Quarterly Report (July  - September 2016)

Quarterly Report (October  - December 2016)

Quarterly Report (January - March 2017)

Quarterly Report (April - June 2017)

Quarterly Report (July - September 2017)

Quarterly Report (October  - December 2017)

Quarterly Report (January - March 2018)

Quarterly Report (July - September 2018)

Quarterly Report (October - December 2018)

Quarterly Report (January - March 2019)

Quarterly Report (April - June 2019)

Quarterly Report (July - September 2019)

Quarterly Report (October - December 2019)

Quarterly Report (January - March 2020)

Quarterly Report (April - June 2020)



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