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(A)  ICFRE Funded Projects


Wood Properties & Uses


Evaluation of culm quality before, during and after flowering in bamboo (Bambusa bambos, Dendrocalamus strictus) species. (2003-2007), PI: Dr. R.V. Rao.


Studies on fracture mechanics in solid wood and wood composites using acoustic emissions. (2003-2007), PI: Dr. S.K. Sharma.


Assessment of wood quality of Tectona grandis (teak) clones from Thithimathi (Karnataka) and Andhra Pradesh. (2003-2007),  PI: P. Kumar.


Characterization and identification of imported timbers available in the timber markets and sea ports. (2004-2007), PI: T.R. Hemavathi.


Evaluation of wood quality parameters of plantation grown Eucalyptus citriodora for different end uses. (2002-2006), PI: Dr. R.V. Rao.


Assessment of wood quality of Simarouba glauca for its timber value. (2003-2006), PI: Dr. S.K. Sharma.


Use of sonic and ultrasonic testing techniques to evaluate wood strength of plantation species - A non-destructive test method. (2003-2006), PI: Dr. Y.M. Dubey.


Assessment of wood quality (Anatomical) of 8-10 year old Acacia auriculaeformis and Acacia mangium hybrids. (2002-2005),  PI: T.R. Hemavathi.


Development and popularization of packing boxes of plantation growth timbers from South India for Horticulture produces.  (2003-2005),  PI: Dhyan Singh.

10 Plasticsation of palm and bamboo. (1999-2004), PI: Dr. S.K. Sharma.
11 Wood Quality parameters for improving planting stock of Bambusa arundinacea, dendrocalamus strictus and Pseudooxytenananthera stocksii. (1999-2004), PI: Dr. R.V. Rao.
12 Study of anatomical, physical and mechanical properties of plantation grown timber Acacia mangium, A. auriculaeformis, Tecomella undulata and Eucalyptus tereticornis clones.  (1997-2003),  PI: Dr. R.V. Rao.
13 Production of reconstituted wood products/wood composites-laminated veneer lumber (LVL) from different plantation grown timber species and to study their different physical and mechanical properties.  (2000-2003),  PI: Dr. S.R. Shukla
14 Relationship of the wood properties of coppice plantation grown Eucalyptus species.  (2000-2003),  PI: Dr. S.K. Sharma.
15 Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of Acacia hybrids. (EXTERNAL PROJECT).  (2001-2003),  Dr. R.V. Rao.
16 Development of software for calculating the properties- CALPRO.  (2000-2002),  PI: Dr. Vimal Kothiyal.
17 Computer assisted wood identification.  (1999-2002),  PI: T.R. Hemavathi.
18 Wood quality parameters for improving planting stock for Gmelina arborea.  (2000-2002),  PI : P. Kumar.
19 Studies on influence of microfibril angle and spiral grains in wood on the strength properties of plantation grown timbers (Eucalyptus spp.).  (1999-2002),  PI: Dr. S.R. Shukla.

Wood Seasoning & Preservation

20 Influence of pretreatment techniques on the treatability of hardwood species grown in Karnataka. (2004-2007), PI: P. Narayanappa.
21 Studies on drying characteristics of plantation timbers in dehumidifier drying kiln. (Old title: Development of seasoning schedules for plantation timbers using dehumidification based drying). (2004-2007), PI: Dr. S.S. Chauhan.
22 Evaluation of treatability of selected refractory species. (2000-2006), PI: P. Narayanappa.
23 Analytic studies on visco-elastic behaviour of wood and tree biomechanics. (2002 - 2006), PI: Dr. S.P.S. Rawat. 
24 Studies on fiber formation in wood. (2002 -2006), PI: Dr. S.P.S. Rawat.
25 Polymerization filled composites. (2003-2006), PI: Ajay Karmarkar.
26 Wood-fibre plastic composite foams with improved cell morphology by continuous process. (2004-2006), PI: Pankaj Aggarwal.
27 Performance and evaluation of selected bamboo species treated by modified Boucherie process. (2004 - 2006), PI: Ms. D. Venmalar.
28 Development of alternative preservatives of more economic value and schedules for their incorporation in wood. (2000-2005),  PI: D. Venmalar.
29 Evaluation of ammonia based preservatives against Indian termites.  (2000-2005), PI: P.  Narayanappa.
30 Effect of temperature, humidity and pH on CCB fixation in wood (2003-2005), PI: Pankaj Aggarwal.
31 Studies on the drying behaviour of timber used for handicrafts. (2003-2005), PI: Suresh Gairola.
32 Studies on forced air drying of plantation grown timbers. (2002-2005), PI: N.K. Upreti.
33 Analysis of wood and its constituents by fluorescence and FTIR spectroscopic technique - a non destructive tool for rapid characterisation of wood. (1999-2004), PI: Dr. K.K. Pandey.
34 Thermodynamics of moisture adsorption and desorption in wood. (1999-2004), PI: Dr. S.P.S. Rawat.
35 Development of seasoning and preservation techniques for bamboo and rattans.  (2000-2003),  PI: N.K. Upreti. 
36 Investigation on the effect of growth stresses in processing of timber from plantations.  (2000-2003),  PI: Pankaj Kumar Aggarwal
37 Studies on the permeability of hardwood species grown in regions of Karnataka, Goa and Andhra Pradesh.  (1999-2002),  PI: P. Narayanappa.
38 Modification in existing design of solar drying kiln to  improve energy efficiency.  (1999-2002),  PI: N.K. Upreti.
39 Performance evaluation of wood coating systems.  (2000-2002),  PI: N.K. Upreti.
40 Effect of repeated cycles of wetting and drying.   (1998-2000),  PI: A.K. Anantha Narayana.
41 Wood fibres in thermoplastic composites.  1997-1999),  PI: Ajay Karmakar.
42 A rapid and non-destructive technique for estimating growth strains in trees and logs.  (1996- 1 998),  PI: Pankaj Kumar Aggarwal.  

Wood Biodegradation

43 Studies on the sucking pest complexes of Sandal and their management. (2004-2007), PI: Dr. R. Sundararaj.
44 Role of Fungi biodeterioration of timber under marine conditions. (2004-07),. PI: H.C. Nagaveni.
45 Impact of disturbance on canopy insect biodiversity: an assessment of forest health. (2003-2007,) PI: Y.B. Srinivasa.
46 Ethnobotanical studies of Godavari valley in Andhra Pradesh. (2002-2007), PI: Dr. Rama Rao.
47 Inventory of coastal plant communities of north Andhra region. (2003-2007), PI: M.V. Rao.
48 Studies on teak heartwood borer Alcterogystia (cossus) cadambae moore and its management. (2000-2006), PI: Dr. O.K. Remadevi.
49 Investigations on the potential of medicinal and aromatic plants as a source of botanical insecticides. (1999-2004), PI: Dr. R. Sundararaj.
50 Studies on termite problems of trees and timber and development of termite testing facilities.  1999-2003),  PI: Dr. R. Sundararaj.
51 Investigations on the insect pest problems of wood in packing cases and handicraft industries.  (1999-2003),    PI: Raja Muthukrishnan.
52 Development of protocol for rearing wood borer larvae.  (2000-2003),  PI: Dr. M. Balaji.
53 Role of biofertilizer in ecorestoration of problematic site like mine reject soil in Goa. (2000-2005), PI: H.C. Nagaveni.
54 Studies on entomofauna of mangroves of   Karnataka, Goa and Andhra Pradesh. (2000-2005), PI: Dr. O.K. Remadevi.
55 Control of biodeterioration of wood with the help of   eco-friendly preservatives and bioactive substances  on staining and decay fungi under terrestrial  conditions. (1997-2005), PI: H.C. Nagaveni.
56 Biosystematic studies on parasitoid complex of sandal coccids and their utilization in biological control. (2002- 2005),  PI: Y.B. Srinivasa.
57 Conservation and management of Coondapure mangroves Karnataka. (1999-2004), Dr. K.S. Rao.
58 Studies on the diversity of Aleyrodid fauna of South Western Ghats. (External Project).  (2000-2002),  Dr. R. Sundararaj.
59 Studies on biodeterioration of mangrove and coastal vegetation.  (1997- 2000),  PI: Dr. L.N. Shanthakumaran.
60 Studies on biofertiliser.  (1995-2000),  PI: K.S. Ananthapadmanabha/H.C. Nagaveni.
61 Studies of insect pests of nurseries, plantations and natural forests and their control.  (1992-2000),  PI: Dr. O.K. Remadevi. 
62 Natural durability of different timbers and timber products against decay under terrestrial conditions.  (1997-2000),  PI: H.S. Ananthapadmanabha/K.C.Nagaveni.
63 Studies on durability of different timbers and timber products against biodeterioration under marine conditions.  (1997-2000),  PI: Dr. L.N. Shanthakumaran.
64 Studies on disease of seedlings in nurseries, plantations and natural forests. (1997-2000),  PI: K.S. Ananthapadmanabha /H.C. Nagaveni.
65 Studies of insect pest problems of timber in storage, buildings furniture's and other structures and its control.  (1996-1999),  PI: Dr. O.K. Remadevi.
66 Investigations on the biology, ecology, frequency and distribution of biodeteriorating agencies under marine conditions(1988-1999),  PI: Dr. V.V. Srinivasan.
67 Natural resistance of timber against biodeterioration under marine conditions.  (1989-1999),  PI: Dr. L.N. Shanthakumaran.
68 Assessment of efficacy of preservatives in treated timber against biodeterioration under marine conditions.  (1988- 1999),  PI: Dr. L.N. Shanthakumaran.
69 Assessment of service life of treated timber structures under marine conditions.  (1988-1999),  PI: Dr. K.S. Rao.
70 Environmental implications of biodeterioration control measures.  (1988-1996),  PI: Dr. K.S. Rao.
71 Use of biogenic compounds in control of biodeterioration.  (1988-1996),  PI: Dr. K.S. Rao. 
72 Natural resistance of different timbers against biodeterioration by termites, insects and fungi under terrestrial conditions.  (1989-1993),  PI:  V.R. Shivramakrishnan /H.S. Ananthapadmanabha.
73 Control of biodeteriorating with the help of wood extractives, other plant derivatives, bioactive substances and biological agencies.  (1989-1993),  PI:  V.R. Shivramakrishnan/H.S. Ananthapadmanabha/R.V. Krishnan.
74 Comparative efficacy and economics of water borne preservatives with susceptible timber species.   (1989-1993),  PI:  V.R. Shivramakrishnan /H.S. Ananthapadmanabha /R.V. Krishnan.
75 Investigations on biology the ecology, frequency and distribution of biodeteriorating agencies under land conditions.   (1989-1992),  PI:  R.V. Krishnan/V.R. Shivramakrishnan /H.S. Ananthapadmanabha.
76 Studies on techniques of prophylactic treatments for susceptible timbers against insects borers, termites and wood decaying fungi at felling site, transit and in storage.(1989-1992),  PI:  H.S. Ananthapadmanabha/V.R. Shivramakrishnan/R.V. Krishnan
77 Distribution and intensity of biodeteriorating organisms under marine conditions.  (1989-1991),  PI: Dr. K.S. Rao.
78 Efficacy of indigenous preservatives and methods for the protection of under water timber structures.  (1988-1990),  PI: M.V. Rao.

Chemistry of Forest Products

79 Development of colouring reagents based on enzyme -substrate reaction for differentiating oil yielders of sandal in field. (2002 - 2007),  PI: V.G. Angadi.
80 Standardization of anti-leaching treatment for Pterocarpus marsupium, Pterocarpus soyaxii and Intsia spp. (2005 - 2007), PI: Anil Kumar Sethy.
81 Chemical induction of heartwood in Sandal. (2000 - 2006), PI. Sri. K.H. Shankaranarayana.
82 Gender identification in Garcinia indica and Simarouba glauca using isoenzyme studies and assessment of fruit characters, yield and market potential of Garcinia indica in Karnataka State. (2004 -2006), PI: Sri. Anil Kumar Sethy.
83 Natural products evaluation of extractives of plant origin for biological and pharmacological activity - Nothapodytes nimmoniana and Garcinia indica. (2000-2005),  PI: V.G. Angadi.
84 Photochemical and pharmacological investigations on Persia macrantha. (1999-2004), PI: Sri. K.H. Shankaranarayana.
85 Evaluation of oil yield and composition of new cultivars of high yielding varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants - Pogestemon patchouli and Piper longum.  (2000-2003),  PI: S.H. Jain /K.H. Shankaraanarayana.
86 Studies on qualitative improvement of E. hybrid oil for value addition.  (1998-2000),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan.
87 Scientific debarking experiments on Persia macrantha.  (1997-2000),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan.
88 Studies on Red sanders wood.  (1997-2000),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan.
89 Preparation and screening of compounds of biocidal and pharmacological activity - chemical investigations on steam and non steam volatile components of creosote and testing their biocidal efficacy.  (1997-2000),  PI: K.H. Shankaranarayana. 
90 Research on sandal (value addition/utilization aspects).  (1997-2000),  PI: K.H. Shankaranarayana.
91 Chemical and utilization studies on Pterocarpus marsupium.  (1997-2000),  PI: K.H. Shankaranarayana. 
92 Identify provenance areas, collect and test seeds to develop a gene base for genetic improvement. (Sub project of Research on sandal under world bank FREE project).  (1994-2000),  PI: K.H. Shankaranarayana/ C.R. Rangasamy/ K.S. Theagarajan.
93 Isolation of wood extractives having biocidal activity.  (1989-1995),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan.
94 Saccharification of saw dust by steam and acid hydrolysis. (1989-1993),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan. 
95 Production of oxalic acid from bark of trees of plantation origin.  (1989-1993),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan.
96 Utilization of bark/wood waste as soil conditioner and as a media in containers for growing seedlings.  (1989-1993),  PI: C.R. Rangasamy.
97 Comparative studies of physico-chemical properties of natural and plantation grown Pterocarpus santalinus (Red sanders).  (1989-1992),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan.
98 Screening of suitable substitute raw material for Jigat used as adhesive in agarbathi manufacture.  (1989-1991),  PI: K.S. Theagarajan.

Tree Improvement & Propagation

99 Studies on Productivity and Management of Teak (Tectona grandis) in Agroforestry practices in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. (2004-2007), PI: Dr. Syam Viswanath.
100 Seed studies of some of the economically important species of Western Ghats. ( 2003-2007), PI: Dr. Geeta Pandey.
101 Screening clonal propagation, ex-situ conservation and genetic improvement of Pongamia pinnata. (2004-2007), PI: R. Nainamalai.
102 Standardization of protocol for viability testing and prolonging the viability and vigour of seeds in storage. (2003-2006), PI: Dr. Geeta Pandey.
103 Evaluation of genetic variability and mating system studies through isoenzyme markers. (2004-2006), PI: Dr. Geeta Pandey.
104 Genetic screening of Jatropha curcas- An important bio-fuel species of dry areas. (2003-2006), PI: Sri. Ashutosh Srivastava.
105 Studies on micropropagation field evaluation and conservation of   Pseudoxytenanthera stocksii (Oxytenanthera stocksii)- Threatened  species. (2000 -2005), PI:  Dr. T.S. Rathore
106 Variation in photosynthesis in clones of  sandal and eucalyptus. (2003 - 2005), PI: A.N. Arun Kumar .
107 Development of modern nursery techniques for propagation of important species of Goa - Terminalia tomentosa, Xylia xylocarpa, Myristica fragrans, Bambusa arundinacea and Dendrocalamus strictus. (2002- 2005),  PI: Dr. T.S. Rathore.
108 Phenological studies in Clonal Seed Orchard of teak in Karnataka. (1999-2004), PI: Sri. Ashutosh Srivastava.

Wood Energy

109 Carbonisation of selected fuelwood species. (2004-2007), PI: Mr. Ritesh Kumar D. Ram.

(B)  Externally Funded Projects

World Bank Projects

1. Research on Sandal
2. Tree Improvement
3. Utilization of Alternate timbers for catamarans 
4. Planting stock improvement programme  
5. Extension 

Ministry of Environment & Forests Projects

6. Studies on the diversity of Aleyrodid fauna of South Western Ghats. (2000-2002),  Dr. R. Sundararaj.
7. Biocomposites from Engineered Natural Fibers. (2003-2006), PI: Ajay Karmarkar.

The Mysore Papermills Ltd.

8. Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of Acacia hybrids.  (2001-2003),  Dr. R.V. Rao.

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