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(A) Transit Accommodation & Guest House

Scientist's hostel and Guest house for visiting scientists and Research scholars.

Tariff rates for IWST Guest House/Scientist Hostel w.e.f 23-05-2017 

S. No

Category of person

Rent per day while on Govt. Duty (Rs.)

Rent per day while not on Govt. Duty (Rs.)






  1. Officials of lCGRE and Its institute

  2. Consultants and FRI Deemed University

  3. Officials and experts of MoEF & CC, New Delhi

  4. Officers of SFDs

  5. Ex-employees of ICFRE and ex-Deputarionists






Family members/ relatives of present/ex:

  1. ICFRE employees

  2. ICFRE deputationists





  1. Officials of Autonomous bodies, Universities other than FRI Deemed University.

  2. Officials of Central/ State Government other than SFDs.











In addition to above room rent following are the maintenance charges (w.e.f 23-05-2017)

Accommodation Type

Maintenance charges including A/C/Hotel Charges


Suite 250

Officer and their family members who occupy the room/suit for more than five days (w.e.f 01-10-2019)


Accommodation Type


Service charges










  1. Normally no person shall be allowed to stay for more than five days except for officials of ICFRE on Government duty.

  2. For official/ non-officials not belonging to ICFRE, a special permission shall be required from the Director, IWST to stay for more than 5 days.

  3. Per day room/suite rent for authorized stay of more than five days shall be 150% of daily rent except for in the case of officials of ICFRE on Government duty who shall be charged normal rent for days beyond 5 days also.

  4. Service charges and rent shall not be levied on ICFRE officials on government duty if the stay is for less than 2 hours. The facility shall be available only to ICFRE officials on Government duty and to no one else.

  5. For officials/ non-officials not on Government duty, full maintenance charges and rent shall be levied irrespective of duration of stay.

  6. Room heater charges of Rs. 25-/ per day shall be levied in addition to room rent and maintenance charges, if the heater is supplied to the occupant.

(B) Library

Institute’s Library is a specialized one, catering to the information needs of Scientists, research workers, foresters, students, and research scholars engaged in forestry research with special focus on WOOD SCIENCE. Library is well-furnished and computerized, to keep pace with the modern day requirements of information and to provide quick and quality services. Also, it acts as depository center of forestry and wood science & technology literature in the country by collecting scientific and technical information from various published literature, process it in various usable forms and disseminate the same to all the concerned. Open access system is being followed in the library and card system for borrowing of documents is in practice.
Library is having a collection of over 5700 Books that include reference books like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Manuals, Handbooks, Atlases, Directories and so on, over 3200 Bound journals, nearly 600 Indian and Foreign Standards, over 400 Reports and some non- book materials. For the year 2004, Library is subscribing to 22 Indian journals and 3 foreign journals. Newspapers and magazines are also being subscribed for the use of library visitors.
The library has very large collection of latest, old and rare editions of books on Forestry and Forest Products and 69 current National/International Journals have been subscribed and new titles are being constantly added. Library is being maintained by qualified library professionals and Co-ordinator (Facilities) is holding the additional responsibility of Library-in-charge. Students and outside users are also allowed to make use of library with the permission of Library- in- Charge.

Services Offered

  1. Current Awareness Service
  2. Reference Service
  3. Referral Service
  4. Reprography Service
  5. Database Service
  6. Loan Service
    (C) Conference Hall/Lecture Hall/Extension Hall
    A new Conference Hall, Extension Hall and Lecture Hall for conducting meetings, conferences and one display hall equipped with audio-visual equipment depicting Institute activities.

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