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Wood Properties & Uses Division

Wood Properties and Uses (WPU) Division (Erstwhile Timber Utilization Branch) was created in the Institute when ICFRE was setup in 1988. The vision of the division is to achieve excellence in research, development and transfer of technology in wood properties for better and appropriate end uses for conservation of natural resources. The division is working on creation of database on anatomical, physical and mechanical properties of lesser known and plantation grown timbers for their improved utilisation and value addition, classification and grading of timber for different end uses, finding uses for lops and tops, wood properties as a tool for tree improvement, wood waste for value addition, development of testing methods for wood and wood products and disseminating the research findings on wood properties. Thus the division is involved in development and transfer of technology in wood properties for better and appropriate end uses for conservation of natural resources.


  • Physical & Mechanical properties of timbers (including bamboos and palms)

  • New testing methods for timber and timber products

  • Assessment of wood quality traits in tree selection

  • Wood identification and wood anatomical assessment

  • Evaluation of wood properties and products quality assessments

  • Wood coatings, weathering, protection

  • Chemical and thermal modification of wood, impregnation modification

Research Activities

1. Wood Anatomy

  • Wood structure for identification
  • Studies on anatomical variations
  • Clonal wood quality parameters
  • Anatomy of CPCs of bamboo
  • Histo-chemistry of Bamboo - before, during and after flowering
  • Histo-chemistry vis-a-vis coffee stem borer
  • Wood quality traits for species improvement
  • Wood anatomy and archaeology

2. Wood Properties & Uses

3. Dendrochronology and wood quality

4. Xylarium

Ongoing Research Programmes

  1. Anatomical approach to evaluate treat ability of timbers.

  2. Evaluation of strength properties of the wood and wood products in use by using ultrasonic method.

  3. Utilization of Bambusa bambos (L.) and Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) as an alternative of wooden dunnage pallets

  4. Comparative study of clones of Eucalypts and Acacia hybrid for handicraft sector.

  5. Enhancing dimensional stability and durability of wood for flooring application by eco-friendly thermal processing.

  6. Effect of treatment with micronized copper preservative on the strength, treatability and durability of selected wood species.

Completed Research Projects

  1. Studies on acoustical behaviour of plantation timbers for musical instruments and wall paneling.
  2. Investigations on tree ring analysis of certain species in Western ghats to monitor climate changes and its relevance to wood quality.
  3. Study of Anatomy and properties of lesser known timbers of North-eastern States of India with particular reference to Nagaland.
  4. Processing and evaluation of plantation grown Simaruba glauca DC from Orissa.
  5. Detection of natural and biological defects in timber by non-destructive testing techniques.
  6. Studies on utilization aspects of plantation grown Acacia mangium Willd. from Orissa.
  7. Evaluation of wood quality of Eucalyptus clones and plantation grown Gevillea robusta A. Cunn. based on spiral grain.
  8. Evaluation of culm quality before, during and after flowering in bamboo (Bambusa bambos, Dendrocalamus strictus) species.
  9. Studies on fracture mechanics in solid wood and wood composites using acoustic emissions.
  10. Assessment of wood quality of Tectona grandis (teak) clones from Thithimathi (Karnataka) and Andhra Pradesh.
  11. Characterization and identification of imported timbers available in the timber markets and sea ports.
  12. Evaluation of wood quality parameters of plantation grown Eucalyptus citriodora for different end uses.
  13. Assessment of wood quality of Simarouba glauca for its timber value.
  14. Use of sonic and ultrasonic testing techniques to evaluate wood strength of plantation species - A non-destructive test method.
  15. Assessment of wood quality (Anatomical) of 8-10 year old Acacia auriculaeformis and Acacia mangium hybrids.
  16. Study of anatomical, physical and mechanical properties of plantation grown timber Acacia mangium, A. auriculaeformis, Tecomella undulata and Eucalyptus tereticornis clones.
  17. Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of Acacia hybrids.
  18. Development and popularization of packing boxes of plantation growth timbers from South India for Horticulture produces.
  19. Plasticsation of palm and bamboo.
  20. Wood Quality parameters for improving planting stock of Bambusa arundinacea, dendrocalamus strictus and Pseudooxytenananthera stocksii.
  21. Production of reconstituted wood products/wood composites-laminated veneer lumber (LVL) from different plantation grown timber species and to study their different physical and mechanical properties.
  22. Relationship of the wood properties of coppice plantation grown Eucalyptus species.
  23. Development of software for calculating the properties- CALPRO.
  24. Wood quality parameters for improving planting stock for Gmelina arborea.
  25. Studies on influence of microfibril angle and spiral grains in wood on the strength properties of plantation grown timbers (Eucalyptus spp.)

Services Rendered

Sl. No.

Name of the Tests



Identification of wood

Sample size: 50x50x150 mm

Rs.10,000/- per sample


Identification of wood (Police enquiry)

Sample size: 50x50x150 mm

Rs.20,000/- per sample


Authentification of  Red sanders wood  based on santalin content and anatomical features

Sample size: 50x50x150 mm

Rs.20,000/- per sample


Physical tests

(Specific Gravity/Density of Wood, Moisture Content, Shrinkage):

Sample size: 20x20x60 mm (density)

Sample size: 20x20x25 mm (moisture)

Sample size: 20x20x60 mm (shrinkage)

(Moisture samples should be properly sealed / wrapped in polythene)

Rs.2,000/- per sample



Mechanical Tests 

(Static Bending, Compression Parallel to Grain, Compression Perpendicular to Grain, Tension Parallel to Grain, Tension Perpendicular to Grain,Hardness, Shear, Nail Holding Power, Screw Holding Power)

Sample size: 20x20x300 mm (Static Bending)

Sample size: 20x20x80 mm (Comp. Parallel)

Sample size: 20x20x100 mm (Comp. Per.)

Sample size: 50x07x325 mm (Tension Parallel)

Sample size: 50x50x56 mm (Tension Per.)

Sample size: 50x50x150 mm (Hardness)

Sample size: 50x50x62.5 mm (Shear)

Sample size: 50x50x150 mm (Nail Holding)

Sample size: 50x50x150 mm (Screw Holding)

Rs.3,000/- per sample

Consultancies :


 Consultancies for routine matters at headquarter

  • Scientist

  • Supporting staff

  • Rs. 2,000/- per day

  • Rs. 300/- per day


Consultancies at outside station by inviting Scientist/Staff

  • Scientist

  • Supporting staff

  • Rs. 2,000/- per day

  • Rs. 500/- per day


*   The testing charges can be paid either in 'CASH' or through 'Demand Draft' drawn in favour of the DIRECTOR, INSTITUTE OF  WOOD SCIENCE &  TECHNOLOGY, payable at BANGALORE.

The amount can also be paid in the bank as per following details

  • Account Holder's Name:       Director

  • Bank Name & Branch:          Union Bank of India, Malleshwaram 11th Cross, Bangalore

  • Account Number:                392002010004883

  • IFS Code:                                 UBIN0539201

The copy of receipt from Bank should be sent to the Director, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, Malleshwaram along with testing requisition letter and samples.


Facilities and Equipments

The Division has the following facilities and equipments for rendering services to user industries and Government and non-government organisations:

  • Testing of timber and timber products for determining the strength properties.
  • Identification of timber
  • Workshop for processing wood samples for various experiments.

The division is well equipped with

  • Universal Testing Machine (50 kN and 100kN)
  • Impact Bending Machine
  • Near Infrared Spectrophotometer  (NIRS)
  • Setup for measuring acoustical properties of wood
  • FFT Analyzer
  • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
  • Electrical Conductivity Apparatus
  • Ultrasonicl Wood Tester
  • Compound Research Microscope with Photographic Equipment
  • Image Analysis System
  • Wood Microtome
  • CCTV Camera with Monitor
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Wood Workshop

Research and Supporting Staff

  1. Dr. S.R. Shukla,  Scientist-G & Head of the Division

  2. Mr. Anil Kumar Sethy, Scientist-E

  3. Sri. Veer Singh Gautam, Scientist - B 

  4. Dr. M. Sujatha, Chief Technical Officer

  5. Mrs. S. Shashikala, Assistant Chief Technical Officer

  6. Sri. B.V. Thulasiram, Technical Officer

  7. Mr. Jean Simon, Technical Officer

  8. Mrs. Vanathi Varatharaj, Technical Officer

  9. Sri. Deepak Kumar, Technical Assistant

  10. Sri. H.C. Shiva Prasad, Technical Assistant

  11. Sri. Ravi Gupta, Technician (Carpenter)

  12. Ms. S. Bhavani, Steno Gr. I

  13. Sri. M. Nagaraja, MTS

For Further Information, Please Contact:

The Head

Wood Properties and Uses Division 

Institute of Wood Science and Technology

P.O. Malleshwaram

Bengaluru-560 003 (India)

E-Mail: wpu_iwst@icfre.org

Tel: 080-22190169; 080-22190171


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