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Silviculture and Forest Management Division


Silviculture and Forest Management (SFM) Division  has been working towards the goal of improved productivity of selected species, quality of planting stock and conservation of germplasm. The Division works on the improvement of planting stock both through traditional and biotechnological methods. The Division strives for improvement in quality of seed through establishment of Seed Production Areas, Seedling Seed Orchards and Clonal Seed Orchards. The Division establishes Vegetative Multiplication Gardens as a source of genetically improved clonal planting material.

The Division has developed Modern Nursery Practices and Macropropagation Protocols for the important tree and bamboo species. Biotechnoilogical tools are employed for the development/refinement of protocols for the rapid and mass production of clonal planting material of plus trees/clone/superior genotypes for clonal forestry. Molecular marker based studies are carried out to access genetic fidelity of micropropagated plants. Seed handling and storage studies are focused on important tree species. Agroforestry models are being developed on sandal and bamboo species for validation and wider adoption.


  • Genetic improvement for enhancement of productivity and quality of forest and commercially important tree species

  • Developing breeding and production populations through provenance, progeny and clonal trials

  • Exploration, in-situ and ex-situ conservation of forest germplasm. Recovery of endangered species through biotechnological interventions

  • Genetic variability in traits of economic importance and genetic diversity in populations

  • Biotechnological tools for genetic improvement of trees of commercial importance

  • Plant physiology aspects of forestry species

Research Activities

Ongoing Research Programmes

  1. Studies on genetic fidelity of the micropropagated plants of bamboo- Bambusa bambos and Dendrocalamus stocksii .
  2. Studies on scale up of protocols for in vitro propagation, hardening, production of cloned plants and establishment of field trials of Sandalwood ( Santalum album L).
  3. Productivity and interaction studies in Acacia hybrid based agroforestry practices in Karnataka.
  4. Ecological, economic and socio-cultural evaluation of a traditional ficus based agroforestry system in Mandya District, Karnataka.
  5. Assessment of seed quality in unimproved populations, seed production areas and seed orchards of Tectona grandis .
  6. Studies on seed variability, propagation and ex-situ conservation of Canarium strictum Roxb. and Hydnocarpus pentandra (Buch. -Ham.) Oken - threatened medicinal trees.
  7. Variability studies in Hardwickia binata - a multipurpose tree species in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
  8. Comprehensive tree improvement program for Gmelina arborea in Karnataka- Phase 1-progeny trial.
  9. Field  performance of micro-and macro propagated planting stock of selected five commercially important bamboo species.
  10. Bamboo Locational trials.
  11. Studies on assessing the growth performance and standardization of management practices for Guadua angustifolia Kunth in Karnataka.
  12. Conservation of Sandal ( Santalum album L.) germplasm, production of quality planting stock and promotion of sandal cultivation practices.
  13. Cultivation of Guadua angustifolia Kunth  and Dendrocalamus asper in Kerala and Karnataka.
  14. Commercial cultivation of bamboo in Kodagu District: Raising of Quality Planting Material (QPM), establishment of demonstration plots and Bamboo based value addition facilities.
  15. Structure, diversity and germination syndrome in tropical evergreen forest - A case study from Western ghats of Karnataka using permanent preservation plots.
  16. Seed dormancy and germination behaviour in Buchanania lanzan Spreng . and Diospyros melanoxylon Roxb.
  17. Vegetative Propagation Centre (VPC) for the production of quality plants of P. stocksii, D. brandisii and Guadua angustifolia.
  18. Distribution, natural regeneration and identification of seed stands and candidate plus trees in Chloroxylon swietenia.
  19. Multilocational introduction cum demonstration trials and field evaluation of six important bamboo species viz. Bambusa balcooa, B. nutans, Dendrocalamus asper, D hamiltonii, Guadua aungustifolia and Pseudoxytenanthera stocksii in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Goa.
  20. Theoretical analysis of sorption isotherms by Brunauer, Emmett and Teller theory and standardization of optimum conditions for seed storage of Bambusa bambos and Jatropha curcus .
  21. An integrated approach of bamboo improvement; propagation, Agroforestry models, protection, processing and utilization.
  22. Enhancing production capacity of quality planting stock of bamboo by upgradation of infrastructure.
  23. Development of clonal propagation techniques and molecular characterization through RAPD analysis of Embelia ribes Burn. F.

Completed Research Projects 

  1. Development of modern nursery techniques of important forestry species of Goa - Bambusa bambos, Dendrocalamus strictus, Terminalia tomentosa, Xylia xylocarpa and Myristica fragrans.
  2. Studies on micropropagation, field evaluation and conservation of Pseudoxytenanthera stocksii.
  3. Refinement of protocols for rapid clonal propagation of sandal and red sanders; evaluation of genetic fidelity and field performance.
  4. Development of protocol for rapid and mass clonal propagation of Bambusa pallida Munro and Phyllostachys bambusoides Sieb et. Jucc.
  5. Phenological studies in clonal seed orchard of teak in Karnataka
  6. Genetic screening of Jatropha curcus - an important bio-fuel species in dry areas.
  7. Studies on productivity and management of teak ( Tectona grandis ) in agroforestry practices in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
  8. Standardization of protocol for viability testing and prolonging the viability and vigor of seed in storage - sandal ( Santalum album L).
  9. Evaluation of genetic variability and mating system analysis of Aegle marmelos Corr. and Feronia elephantum Corr. using isoenzyme markers.
  10. Seed studies on some economically important species of Western Ghat.
  11. Studies on seed source variation, determination of age of the trees and establishment of germplasm bank in sandal.
  12. Variation in photosynthesis in selected clones of sandal and eucalyptus.
  13. Evaluation and characterization of sandal ( Santalum album L) accession of diverse origin with special reference to heart wood content, oil content and other morphological characters.
  14. Screening, clonal propagation, ex situ conservation and genetic improvement of Pongamia pinnata.

Services Rendered


Name of the Tests



Provide  information to end users for raising of quality sandal seedlings in nursery and establishment of plantations of sandal and bamboo.



Providing seeds and seedlings of sandal and bamboo.



Hands on training in plant biotechnology



Project work for B. Sc. & M. Sc. Plant biotechnology students.



Specific information by post


Consultancies :-


Consultancies for routine matters at headquarter

  • Scientist

  • Supporting staff


  • Rs. 1,000/- per day
  • Rs. 300/- per day


Consultancies at outside station by inviting Scientist/Staff

  • Scientist
  • Supporting staff


  • Rs. 2,000/- per day
  • Rs. 500/- per day

Facilities and Equipments

The division has the following facilities and expertise for rendering services to user industry and Government and non-government organizations;


  • Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Seed Technology Laboratory
  • Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory
  • Green houses
  • Shade House
  • Modern R & D and small Scale Production nursery facilities
  • Expertise
  • Tree Improvement
  • Seed Technology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Agroforestry
  • Silviculture
  • Genetics

Research Staff

For further information, Please contact:

The Head

Silviculture and Forest Management

Institute of Wood Science and Technology

P.O. Malleshwaram

Bangalore-560 003 (India)

E-Mail:  tip_iwst@icfre.org

Ph: +91-80-22190104, 080-22190161



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