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The Official Language Cell was set up in the year 1995 in the Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore, which is situated in the Region C, under the supervision of a Senior Scientist who has been nominated as the Official Language Officer soon after the appointment of the Hindi Translator and Hindi Typist. The aim of setting up of the Official Language Cell is to take an assistance by the Officials of the Official Language cell to be complied with the orders of the union which are to be issued from time to time regarding the compliance of the Official Language policy of India.

The Services rendered by the Official Language cell are as under:

The Documents which are to be issued under section 3(3) of the Official Language Act 1963 by the signing authority of this Institute from time to time are translated from English into Hindi by the Official Language Cell and submitted its to the concerned signing authority for suitable action at an earliest with the approval of the Official Language Officer.

As per the directions of the Govt. of India, the Agenda and the Minutes of the meetings of OLIC which are to be held from time to time under the Chairmanship of the Director of the Institute are being prepared by the O.L. Cell and sent it to the concerned offices and Officers by the O.L. Officer for their information and necessary action after the approval of the Director as well as rendering an assistance to the concerned sections/Divisions by the O.L. Cell to enhance the usage of Hindi in the Official work as and when required and also to take follow up action on the decisions taken in the meetings.

  1. Rendering an assistance to the concerned Officials who attends the Official Language Orientation programme and Hindi Workshops which are to be organised from time to time in the Institute.
  2. Rendering an assistance to the concerned Officials during Celebration of the Hindi Day, Hindi Fortnight as well as conducting the various programmes in the Institute every year.
  3. The Quarterly Progressive Report of each quarters of this Institute are prepared and sent it to the ICFRE Head quarter, Dehra Dun and other concerned Offices with the approval of the Director.

This Institute is situated in the Region C. Hence, the Officials of the O. L. Cell are continuously rendering their assistance to the concerned of this Institute from time to time to achieve the prescribed target pertaining to the implementation work of Official Language policy as prescribed by the Govt. of India.


  1. Dr. N. Palanikanth DCF & Official Language Officer (OLO)
  2. Dr. Mukul Bhooshan Singh, Junior Hindi Translator


For Further Information, Please Contact:

The Official Language Officer (OLO)
Hindi Cell
Institute of Wood Science and Technology
P.O. Malleshwaram
Bangalore-560 003 (India)
E-Mail: hindicell_iwst@icfre.org

Ph: 080-22190111


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