Diploma in Advanced Woodworking (One Year)



Diploma in Advanced Woodworking (1 Year)


Course Description: The Diploma Course was launched in the year 2018-19 jointly with M/s. Biesse Manufacturing Company Private Limited. This program offers an excellent opportunity for trainees to acquire required skill set to work on wood and wood products. This course provides an opportunity to the students to earn while they are learing skills through industry attachment for a period of six months. This course has eight major modules namely, Fundamentals of wood materials, Fundamentals of Engineering, Wood processing using advanced machines& allied processes, Loading & unloading systems, machinery safety, maintenance of machines, Assembly & Joinery, Advanced application of software (CNC, CAD/CAM & 3D-Pytha) and project work. Upon successful completion of training, the trainees will be able to handle most of the advanced woodworking machines that used in the wood based industry.


Course Benefits:

  • Earn while learn program provides opportunity of industrial attachment to the candidates for a period of six months

  • Acquire complete knowledge on woodworking

  • Complete knowledge on manufacturing of Solid Wood & Panel Products

  • Exposure to Industry practices on woodworking process

  • To have complete Knowledge on 2D and 3D programming in CNC Machine

  • Complete Knowledge on executing the Panel processing on CNC

  • Assured placement support in India & Overseas.

Eligibility : Pass in Pre-University Course/Senior Secondary/XII/Equivalent from recognized Board. (Graduates in Science/Forestry/Engineering can also apply).

Course Fee : Rs.35,000/-for the entire course; Extra:Rs.1,650/- per month towards Accommodation Charges Food Charges (as per actual)

Security Deposit : Rs.5,000/-(Refundable)

Intake : Maximum 30 Candidates


Detailed syllabus of diploma:


Modules & Topics





Understanding of wood as a material

Wood properties and use as engineering material

Wood uses; mechanical properties of wood; durability of wood

Wood processing: Wood defects; wood drying; wood preservation; wood modifications

Advances in wood science & research, Wood based composites.



Introduction to solid wood & panel boards

Introduction to Mass Timber Materials

Wood, wood based derivatives and wood based panels

Wood based manufactured items: Solid wood elements, block board panels, laminated elements, rotary cut and sliced veneers, ply & plywood panels

Particle Boards: Chipboard, Cement bonded particle boards, Oriented strand board (OSB)

Fibre Board: MDF, HDF & Hard fibre boards

Composite Panels: Laminboard, Sandwich Panels


Materials in modern furniture industry

Complementing materials with wood used in modern furniture industry

Plastic Laminates: Decorative & melamine impregnated paper, Low pressure laminates (LPL) & High pressure laminates (HPL)

Thermoplastic materials: PVC & ABS

Synthetic composite solid surfaces: Corian, Bakelite, Carbon fibre, Kevlar

Other plastic materials: Plexiglas, Lexan, PU Foam, Polystyrene

Stone, Glass & Aluminium.


Legal aspects of wood transit

Timber Transit Rules and Regulations,


Module 2: Foundation:Engineering


Elements of mechanical engineering

Fundamentals of Engineering: Mensuration, Engineering/Machine drawing, measurement & metrology.

Basics of mechanics & strength of materials, metallurgy and heat treatment.

Machine elements: Fasteners, bearings, springs, drive elements, mechanisms & transmission



Introduction to vacuum technology

Basics of vacuum technology, dry vacuum pump, oil lubricated vacuum pump, high flow vacuum pumps, vacuum zones & vacuum modules.


Introduction to Electrical and control technology

Introduction to electrical, electronics & control technology.

Induction motors, Servo motors, VFD drives & controls, HMI Controllers

Safe practices in electrical and control systems.



Introduction to Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Pneumatic equipment in machinery & systems – FRL’s, actuators, control valves & electro-pneumatics.

Basic industrial hydraulics

Basic pneumatic & hydraulic circuits



Conventional wood working

Various joints, planers, saws, chisels, marking tools & joinery

Mini Project in Solid Wood



Module 3: Processing using machines


Conventional wood working machines

Solid woodworking: Cutting, profiling, jointing &Turning machines.


Sizing machines

Panel saw & Beam saw machines

Sizing operations

Optimization in sizing

Settings and operations in panel/beam saws

Process requirements and quality in sizing



CNC Routers & Processing Centres

Entry level CNC Routers, carving machines and application

CNC Nesting machines and application

CNC pods & rails machines and application

CNC controllers and programming

Tools selection, process planning & optimization

Set-up and operations on CNC machining centre/s

Process requirements and quality in CNC machining


Edge banding machines

Manual, semi-automatic and through feed edge banding machines

Main and optional operating groups in through feed edge banding machines

Introduction to type of glues and edge banding materials

Introduction to tools and consumables

Settings and operations in edge banding machines

Process requirements and quality in edge banding.



Drilling& boring machines

Introduction to CNC drilling& boring machines.


Machinery safety

Machine guards and safety arrangements, Sensors, Active Opto-electronic Protection Devices (AOPD), safety mats, perimeter fence.


Module 4: Allied Process & Systems


Safe practices in woodworking industry

Mechanical hazards, health hazards, fire hazards, personal protective equipment, wood dust, safe practices & checklists



Hot Press

Hot press machines, single daylight and multiple daylight machines

Setting, process variables and application.


Sanding machines

Introduction to sanding machines, applications and calibration of panels.



Painting & finishing

Preparation of surface for painting and finishing

Painting and finishing processes

Training in Asian Paints.



Loading & unloading systems

Loading stations, scissor lifts, unloading belts, panel return systems.



Handling, storage and retrieval systems

Move & store materials and products

Material handling equipment (MHE) & automation in MHE (Winstore)



Dust extraction systems

Introduction and Planning for dust extraction capacity


Module 5: Assembly & Joinery


Hardware, Fittings, tools & equipment used for furniture assembly

Various types of hardware and fittings in furniture industry

Select and apply hardware

Various manual and power tools required for fitting and assembly

Alignment and inspection tools/equipment

Training in Hafele India



Productivity & cost estimation

Process optimization and yield rate

Estimation & costing techniques


Supervision and management

4M requirements (Man, Materials, Machine & Methods)

Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances, hazardous materials information system

5S and lean manufacturing concepts


Module 6: CAD/CAM in Woodworking


Introduction to CNC Sizing Machine software

Training in Biesse India on Optiplanning & OSI & Factory Visit


Advanced application software (CNC, CAD/CAM & 3D Software)

B Solid suite, b Nest & b Cabinet


Mini Project: Modular Cabinet assembly

Assembly, testing for alignment and fitment. Project Report.


Module 7: Industrial Attachment/Internship


Industrial attachment (IA)

  • Training in operations/production in woodworking industry for 6 months.

  • Industrial attachment under guidance/supervision in any 3 functional areas as mentioned below:

                 - Supply Chain Management

                 - Production Planning

                 - Manufacturing

                 - CAD/CAM

                 - Assembly

                 - Testing & QA

  • Monthly IA/Internship report


Eligibility    : Pass in Pre-University Course/Senior Secondary/XII/Equivalent from recognised Board.

                      (Graduates in Science/Forestry/Engineering are encouraged to apply).

Course Fee  :  Rs.35,000/- for the entire course

            Extra: Rs. 1650/- per month towards Accommodation Charges , Food Charges (as per actual )

Security Deposit:   Rs.5,000/- (Refundable)

Intake          :  Maximum 30 Candidates

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