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  1. Wood Polymer Composites

  2. Sap Displacement Techniques for Treating Small Girth Timber and Bamboo

  3. Portable Distillation Unit for Extraction of Essential Oils

  4. Raising Sandal Plantations from Quality Planting Material (QPM) Stock of Sandalwood Seedlings

  5. Macropropagation Technique for Raising Dendrocalamus stocksii

  6. Eco-Friendly AM Fungi in Forestry

  7. Metarhizium Based Mycoinsecticide (Peststat) for Management of Forest Pests

  8. Improved Utilisation of Lesser Known and Plantation Grown Timbers from South India

  9. Treated Catamarans: A Boon to Fishermen

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Dr. Ritesh Tailor Scientist C +91-80-22190160 rtailor@icfre.org
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