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Designation:    Scientist-C

Qualification:   M.Sc., Ph.D

Area of Specialization:

  • Soil Science

  • Agroforestry and Natural Products Chemistry

Research Interests:

  • Development of suitable agroforestry models in farmers fields.

  • Isolation of natural products and their utilization as bio-active principles.

Research Publication :
     Number of Research Papers Published: 47


Details of Research Papers Published:

  • Prasad, K.G., S. Mohan, V. Subramaniam, S.S. Jagadeesh and K.Z.D.Hayath (1981) Fertilizer requirements of Eucalyptus tereticornis. I: Effect of survival percentage. Santaroma I, 36-40.

  • Prasad,K.G., Dinesh Kumar, T.J.Chandrasekaran Nair, S. Mohan, J. Madav Nair and A.D.Deo (1984) Fertilization in Eucalyptus grandis on severely truncated soil-I: Growth studies. The Indian Forester- Eucalyptus special-3.110(2), 132-141.

  • Prasad,K.G., G.N.Gupta, S.B.Singh, S. Mohan, J.Madhavan Nair and A.D.Deo (1984) Fertilization in Eucalyptus grandis on severely truncated soil-II: Biomass production. The Indian Forester- Eucalyptus special-3. 110, 142-149.

  • Prasad,K.G., G.N.Gupta, S.Mohan, V.Subramaniam and P.Manivachakam (1984) Fertilization in Eucalyptus grandis on severely truncated soil-III: Nutrient uptake. The Indian Forester-110(10), 1033-1048.

  • Prasad,K.G., G.Kumaravelu, S.B.Singh, R.Periasamy, S.Mohan, and V.Subramaniam (1984) Fertilizer requirements of Eucalyptus tereticornis.II: Effect on height growth. Santaroma IV, 79-84.

  • Prasad K.G., G.N.Gupta and S.Mohan (1984) Growth of Eucalyptus grandis on severely truncated soil due to fertilizer application. National seminar on Eucalyptus, KFRI, Peechi 30-31 January, pp26.

  • Singh J., G.N.Gupta, K.G.Prasad and S.Mohan (1984) Effect of fertilization on leaf parameters of Eucalyptus grandis and their relationship with growth. Proc. Seminar on Eco-development of Western Ghats.KFRI,Peechi,October17-18,pp139-142.

  • Sharma S.K., K.G. Prasad, S.B. Singh, P.A. Abdul Bari and S.Mohan (1982) Suggested approach for assessment of potential areas for raising tropical pine plantations-II Chemical properties. Seminar

  • Singh S.B., K.G.Prasad and S. Mohan (1985) Effect of slope on soil properties in Bolampatty range,Tamilnadu. VanVigyan.vol.23(1&2)

  • Prasad K.G., G.N. Gupta, J.Singh and S. Mohan (1985) Effect of fertilizer application on biomass production from two years old Eucalyptus grandis plantation. J.Tropical Forestry. (IV):302-308.

  • Gupta G.N., K.G. Prasad, S. Mohan, V.Subramaniam and P.Manivachakam(1985) Salt tolerance in some tree species at seedling stage. The Indian forester 112(2), 101-113.

  • Gupta G.N., K.G. Prasad, S. Mohan and V.Subramaniam (1983) Nutrient removal by Eucalyptus grandis. Presented at 50th annual convention of Indian Society of Soil Science, 4-6 Nov.

  • Gupta G.N., S. Mohan, and P.Manivachakam (1986) Effect of coir-pith mulch and fertilizer application of teak establishment in dry zone. J.Tropical Forestry, 2(IV),204-210.

  • Gupta G.N and S. Mohan (1986) Soils of tropical rain forests of Coorg , Karnataka- Classification, Characteristics, Fertility and Productivity. International seminar on Silviculture and Management of Tropical Rain Forests. Myore (Submitted)

  • Gupta G.N., S. Mohan and K.G. Prasad, (1986) Salt tolerance of selected tree seedlings. J.Tropical Forestry.3:217-227.

  • Gupta G.N and S. Mohan (1986) Effect of coir-pith mulch on tree growth on saline and alkali soils in dry regions. International symposium on afforestation of salt affected soils. (Submitted)

  • Prasad K.G., G.N.Gupta, P.A. Abdul Bari, S. Mohan and P.Manivachakam (1987) Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorous fertilizers on growth of Pinus patula. J. Ind. Soc. Soil Science (submitted)

  • Gupta G.N., S.Mohan, V.Subramaniam and P.Manivachakam (1987) Effect of fertilizers and moisture management on survival and growth of Eucalyptus tereticornis on skeletally sandy clay loam soils in a dry region. Australian Forest Research (submitted).

  • Gupta G.N., K.G. Prasad and S. Mohan (1991) Effect of salinity, alkalinity and mulch on tree growth in dry region. Annals of arid zone.30(1): 29-36,1991.

  • Gupta G.N., K.G. Prasad, S. Mohan, V.Subramaniam and P.Manivachakam (1988) Effect of alkalinity on survival and growth of tree seedlings. J. Ind. Soc. Soil Sci.36, 537-542.

  • Gupta G.N., S. Mohan, K.G. Prasad, V.Subramaniam (1988). Soils of Coimbatore forest division and their land use. Research bulletin, State Forest Research centre, Kanpur. Vol.5, 35-44.

  • Gupta G.N., K.G. Prasad, S. Mohan (1988) Effect of soil texture and rainfall on stocking and growth of naturally occurring tree species. Van Vigyan. 26(1&2):35-42.

  • Balvinder Singh, G.N. Gupta, K.G. Prasad and S. Mohan (1988) Use of mulches in establishment and growth of tree species on dry lands. The Indian Forester, 114(6): 307-316.

  • Gupta G.N., S. Mohan, V. Subramaniam and P. Manivachakam (1988) Establishment and growth of trees on dry lands as influenced by soil management practices. J. Ind. Soc. Soil Science, 36:843-846.

  • Gupta G.N and S. Mohan (1989) Response of eucalyptus to moisture and fertilizers on a degraded soil. J. Ind. Soc. Soil Science.37:499-505.

  • Mohan S., K. Haridasan and M.L.Deori (1989) Studies on soil properties of two natural salt licks in Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh with a note on the flora. Arunachal Forest News. 6: 1-3.

  • Mohan S., K.G.Prasad and G.N.Gupta (1990) Fertilizer response of selected social forestry species under varying soil texture. The Indian Forester. 116(1):49-57.

  • Gupta G.N. and S.Mohan (1990) Response of several tree species to management on degraded soil of semi-arid region. The Indian Forester. 116 (8): 622-630.

  • Mohan S (1990) Investigations on tree borne oilseeds and their prospects in Arunachal Pradesh Part-I Arunachal Forest News. 7: 45-48.

  • Mohan S (1991) Investigations on tree borne oilseeds and their prospects in Arunachal Pradesh Part-II Arunachal Forest News. 8: 35-39.

  • Mohan S (1991) Investigations on tree borne oilseeds and their prospects in Arunachal Pradesh Part-III Arunachal Forest News. 11(2): 27-31.

  • Mohan S (1992) Fertilizer response on the germination, growth and biomass of a common timber species of Arunachal Pradesh-Terminalia myriocarpa (Hollock) seedlings. The Indian Forester – 118(11):822-831.

  • Mohan S (1992) Response of fertilizer on the germination, growth and biomass production of Gmelina arborea. J.Trop.Forestry.8(11):126-142.

  • Mohan S (1992) Nutrient losses from soil due to jhumming practice in Arunachal Pradesh- Arunachal Forest News.10 (1&2):29-31.

  • Mohan S (1992) Soil status of the area of occurrence of new orchid in Arunachal Pradesh-Arunachal forest News.

  • Manobjothi B., N.C. Barua, S.Mohan, R.K.Mathur, S.C.Dutta, Anil C.Ghosh and Urszula Rychlewska (1996) Sapidolide A: An unprecedented Spherical Carbocyclic Lactone from Baccaurea sapida seed kernels: Is it Meroisoprenoid? Tetrahedron letters.37 (37):6791-6792.

  • Manojothi B., S.Mohan, N.C.Barua, R.K.Mathur, S.C.Dutta and Anil.C.Ghosh (1997) An alkylated coumarin from Kayea assamica. Phytochemistry. 44(5):939-942.

  • Mohan S., N.C.Barua and R.K.Mathur (1996) antifungal activity of coumarin compound from Kayea assamica

  • Boruah P., Deka Bhuyan P., Dutta S C., Mohan S., Mathur R K (2000) Isolation of two antifungal compounds from Neolitsea cuipala and their activity against some plant pathogenic fungi. Folia Microbiologica vol.44 no.4.385-387.

  • Manivachakam, P., Mohan, S and George, M (1998) Economic production of Leucaena leucocephala in agroforestry systems. Advances in Forestry Research.

  • George, M., Manivachakam, P and Mohan, S (1996) Casuarina in Agroforestry. ICFRE Technical bulletin, IFGTB, Coimbatore-2, India.

  • George, M and Mohan, S (1999) Economic productivity of Acacia auriculiformis in Silvi-Pasture Model. Sylva Plus News Letter VII (2).

  • George, M., Mohan, S and Viswanath, S (1999) Observations on Casuarina equisetifolia in agroforestry systems in Tamilnadu. Proceedings of the Annual workshop on Casuarina. IFGTB, Coimbatore-2, India.

  • George, M., Mohan, S and Manivachakam, P (2001) Casuarina based agroforestry models for higher income to farmers. Proceedings of the IV Annual Workshop on Casuarina, 18th September, IWST, Bangalore-3, India.

  • Buvaneswaran C., M.George and S.Mohan (2003) Distribution of rainfall under teak plantation. The Indian Forester 129(5):571-577.

  • Mohan, S., Chandrashekar,B.S and Sanjai Mohan, IFS (2006) Lesser known wild edible plant of Western Ghats- Baccaurea courtallensis Muell.Arg: Need for domestication and value addition. National workshop on “Lesser known Non Timber Forest Products–Status, Conservation, Management and Sustainable utilization” held 28th and 29th March at IWST Bangalore.

  • Mohan, S and Sanjai Mohan, IFS (2006) Potential and Prospects of lesser-known tree borne oilseeds in Arunachal Pradesh. National workshop on“ Lesser known Non Timber Forest Products – Status, Conservation, Management and Sustainable utilization “ held 28th and 29th March at IWST Bangalore.

Papers Published in Proceedings of Symposiums/Conferences:   02

  • Viswanath, S., Mohan, S and M.George (1999) Agroforestry in Semi-arid Zones of South India. Paper presented at the National Symposium on Forestry Towards 21st Century. Sept.27-28, Forest College & Research Institute, Tamil Nadu agricultural University, Mettupalayam-641301.

  • Mohan, S., R.K.Gupta, R.L.Meena, Sangeeta Tripathi and Balbir Singh (2004) Agroforestry models for Arid region of India. Proceedings of the International Conference on “Multi-Purpose Trees in the Tropics: Assessment, Growth and Management” organized at AFRI, Jodhpur, 22-25 November.

Completed Projects: 01

Current Research Projects:

  • Isolation and antifungal activities of the chemical compounds of Baccaurea courtallensis- a wild edible plant of Western Ghats. IWST/CFP/X-64, 2006-2009.

  • Assessment of soil carbon stocks and dynamics in forest soils of India for the period 1995-2007- Project for NATCOM -II to UNFCCC.


Communication Address:

Dr. S. Mohan
Scientist- C
Chemistry of Forest Products Division
Institute of Wood Science and Technology
18th Cross, Malleshwaram
Bangalore- 560003,
Karnataka State, India
Tel: 0091-80-22190197(O); 0091-80-22190248(R)
E-Mail:   smohan@icfre.org

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