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Designation: Scientist-G and Head Of the Office

Qualification:   M.Sc. (Physics), M.Phil. (Material Science), Ph.D. (Wood Science)

Areas of Specialization:    Forest products
                                      Forestry Extension


Research Interests:

  • Growth stresses in plantation grown timber

  • Wood Preservation

  • Wood Polymer composites

  • Expertise and Other Interest: 13 years of experience in wood science research and 6 yrs in Extension


  • 12 Week study and training programme in Wood products and technology at the faculty of forestry, University of Bristish Coulambia, Vancouver, Canada from September 2000 to November 2000.

Research Publication:
Number of Research Papers Published: 41

List of Research Papers Published:

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan, Ajay Karmarkar & A.K. Ananthanarayana: Measurement of Longitudinal Growth Strains in Eucalyptus tereticornis by Strain Gauge Technique , WOOD NEWS Oct 1997:27-30.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, D.P.Khali,C.R.Sharma & C.R. Rangaswamy: Establishment of Agro-forestry plantations in selected villages of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh- A case study. My Forest, 33(4)1997:607-613

  • P. K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan, Ajay Karmarkar & A.K. Ananthanarayana: Distribution of growth stresses in logs of Acacia auriculaeformis. J of Tropical Forest Products, Malaysia . 4(1) 1998; 87-89.

  • S.S. Chauhan, P. K. Aggarwal, Ajay Karmarkar & A.K. Ananthanarayana: Water repellency in Treated Hevea brasiliensis and Mangifera indica wood. Holz-als-roh-und-werkstoff 55, 1997: 203-205

  • K.K. Pandey, S.S. Chauhan, P. K. Aggarwal: Reaction of wood with Inorganic salt. Holz-als-roh-und-werkstoff, 56, 1998; 412-415.

  • S.S. Chauhan, P. K. Aggarwal, Ajay Karmarkar & A.K. Ananthanarayana: Sorption and shrinkage behaviour of Acacia auriculaeformis. J of Timber Dev Asso, 97 XLIII (2); 5-9.

  • S.S. Chauhan, P. Aggarwal, Ajay Karmarkar & K.K. Pandey: Moisture adsorption behaviour of esterified rubber wood . Holz-als-roh-und-werkstoff, 59(4), 2001;250-253.

  • S.S. Chauhan & Pankaj K. Aggarwal : Effect of moisture sorption state on transverse dimensional changes in wood Holz-als-roh-und-werkstoff , 62(1), 2004: 50-55.

  • D.P. Khali & Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Agroforestry in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh under UNDP project of ICFRE. J of tropical forestry, Jabalpur. 18 (1) 2002: 4-8 (This issue came in 2004 July)

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan & Ajay Karmarkar : Reduction of growth stresses in logs of Acacia auriculaeformis by heat treatment. Wood News 12(2) 2002: 36-39.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan & Ajay Karmarkar : Variation in growth strains, volumetric shrinkage and modulus of elasticity and their inter relationship in Acacia auriculaeformis JTFP , 8(2) 2002, 135-142.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan, N.R.R.Prasad & K.S. Rao: Water repellent treatments for catamaran grade Bombax ceiba wood. Indian j of Marine Sciences 32(4)2003, 340-343.

  • Ajay Karmarkar, Pankaj Aggarwal, Jayant Modak & Manas Chanda: Grafting of m-Isopropenyl- a, a-dimethylbenzyl-isocyanate (m-TMI) onto Isotactic Polypropylene: Synthesis and Characterization. J.Polym. Mater. 20 (2003)101-107.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan & Ajay Karmarkar : Growth strains in acacia auriculaeformis trees of different age: their relationship with growth rate and height (in press- Journal of Institute of Wood science on 22-07-2004)

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Growth stresses and their reduction in Eucalyptus tereticornis for its better utilization. J. Indian Academy of Wood Science. New Series 2(1), 2005:13-17.

  • B.Tarakanadha, Pankaj K. Aggarwal and K. S. Rao: Leaching of Copper, chromium and arsenic from treated panels of Bombax ceiba . Submitted to TDA.

  • Suresh Gairola and Pankaj Aggarwal: Status of Wood Preservation in India. The Indian forester 131(8)2005:979-989

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, G.Ravikumar, K.T.Chandrashekar & K.S.Rao: Transfer of forestry and wood science technologies for the benefit of rural and sectoral communities of Karnataka (Eastern plains). My Forest 41(2A) June 2005: 289-294

  • S.S. Chauhan, Ajay Karmarkar & Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Evaluation of dynamic elastic properties of wood filled polypropylene. In press J.Appl Poly Sci

  • K.S.Shashidhar & Pankaj K. Aggarwal (2006): Utilization of plantation grown timbers: Future needs (To be submitted to Ply Digest)

Papers Published in Proceedings of Symposiums/Conferences:

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan & Ajay Karmarkar : Growth stress in plantation grown timbers and its relevance to wood utilization. Proceedings Workshop on Forestry Research in conservation of Natural Forests. Ed Negi et.al. ICFRE Dehradun, : 265-269; 25-26 April 1997.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, D.P.Khali, S.S. Chauhan & C.R. Rangaswamy: Contribution of agro-forestry in upgradation of socio-economic status of rural people: 2nd IUFRO Working party extension symposium, 7-12 Dec 1997, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, D.P.Khali, C.R.Sharma & C.R. Rangaswamy: Contribution of agro-forestry in conservation of forest: A case study of UNDP agro-forestry project inthe selected villages of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. Proceedings Workshop on Forestry Research in conservation of Natural Forests. ICFRE Dehradun,25-26 April 1997.

  • S.S. Chauhan & Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Wood for lacquerware craft and wood seasoning. National Seminar on Productivity in Lacquerware crafts organized by NDC Bangalore on 26th March 1998 at Bangalore.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, Ajay Karmarkar & S.S. Chauhan: Measurement of growth stresses in South Indian plantation grown species using improved strain gauge technique. Proceeding National Seminar on “Plantation Timber and Bamboos” 23rd and 24th July 1998, 267-273, IPIRTI, Bangalore

  • K.S.Rao, R.V.Rao & Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Development in solid wood use from plantation species in building material. Workshop on National Council for Cement and Building Materials 25-26 June 2002 organised by NCCB Hyderabad and BIS New Dehli at Bangalore.

  • K.S.Rao, Pankaj K. Aggarwal & B. Taraknadha: Extension Efforts for popularization of Wood Preservation Technologies. National Workshop on “Wood Preservation in India: opportunities, Challenges and Strategies” 21st-22nd October 2003 at IWST Bangalore (Proceedings under publication)

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Effect of growth stresses and their reduction in plantation grown species – E. tereticornis for its better utilization: An approach towards forest conservation. Proceedings 91st Indian Science Congress , 3-7 January 2004, page No 22, Chandigarh.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal : Growth stresses in plantation timber: their distribution, effect and control. Proceedings ISC - 92nd held at Ahmedabad from 3-7 Jan 2005.

  • B. Taraknadha, Pankaj K. Aggarwal & K.S.Rao: Influence of water repellents on the performance of CCA treated wood in a tropical marine environment. Proceedings III international symposium on “Wood surface and finshing” held at Kyoto University, Japan during 24-26 Nov, 2004. pp 251-258.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, Ajay Karmarkar & S.S.Chauhan: Longitudinal growth strain and its relationship with age and height in Eucalyptus tereticornis. Accepted for presentation in National Seminar on Wood Substitution through Engineered Wood, Bamboo and other lignocellulosics to be held at IPIRTI on 17th December, 2004.

  • Suresh Gairola & Pankaj Aggarwal(2005): “Status of Wood Preservation in India” – A key note paper for IRG 36 annual conference
    Pankaj K. Aggarwal & Suresh Gairola (2005): “Strategies for enhancing usage of treated wood in India”. Paper accepted for IRG conference (Doc No.IRG/WP05/40305).

  • Tarakanadha B., M.V.Rao, M. Balaji, Pankaj K. Aggarwal and K.S. Rao (2005) “Utility, deterioration and preservation of marine timber in India” Paper accepted for IRG conference (Doc No. IRG/WP 05-40314).

  • A.M. Kanfade, Suresh Gairola and Pankaj K. Aggarwal (2005): Strategies for popularizing wood preservation technologies. Role of Extension Support Division of IWST (Doc No. IRG/WP 05-40313). Accepted

  • Pankaj K.Aggarwal & K.S.Rao(2004):“Communication: A vital tool in Forestry Extension for creating awareness amongst end users. Proceedings XXII IUFRO World Congress on “Forests in Balance Linking Tradition and Technology” held at Brisbane, Australia from 8-13 Aug 2005.

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal & K.S.Shashidhar (2005). Forestry Technology and Extension: Status at IWST. Regional workshop on “Forestry Extension: Experience sharing and perspective” held at IWST Bangalore , 8-9 Novemebr 2006.

  • K.S.Shashidhar & Pankaj K. Aggarwal (2005). Issues in utilization of plantation timbers for quality products: An Indian perspective. Proceeding Indo-Italian Seminar on “Quality issues in forestry & forest products” held at IWST Bangalore, 20th September 2005. pp 49-54.

  • K.S.Shashidhar & Pankaj K. Aggarwal (2006).Issues in forestry education: Strategies for improvement. National Workshop on forestry education in India: Issues and opportunities, 20-21 March 2006, FRI Deemed univ, Dehradun. Abstract pp1-2.

  • K.S.Shashidhar Pankaj K. Aggarwal & G. Ravi Kumar (2006). Issues in marketing of lesser known NTFPs in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Paper presented in National workshop on “Lesser known non timber forest products: status, conservation, management & sustainable utilization” held at IWST during 28-29 March 2006

  • K.S.Shashidhar & Pankaj K. Aggarwal (2006) Role of Technologies in Forest Sustainability. (To be submitted to Ply Digest)

Number of Books Published: 4

List Of Books Published:

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, S.S. Chauhan, Ajay Karmarkar & A.K. Ananthanarayana, 1998- 99 “ Rapid and Non – destructive technique to measure growth strain in trees and logs” A Technical bulletin Published by Extension Support Division, IWST Bangalore under WB FREEP as IWST Technical bulletin no2, 8 pp.

  • K.S.Rao, Surekha Savanth & Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Forestry, Forest Products and Cioastal Population (Proceedings of the Workshop) ISBN No. 81-900284 3 X, ICFRE No. IWST BK 1:2001.

  • K.S.Rao, Suresh Gairola & Pankaj K. Aggarwal: Wood Preservation in India: Chellenges, opportunities and strategies . Proceedings of the Workshop. ISBN number:

  • Pankaj K. Aggarwal, Suresh Gairola and K.S.Rao (2005): Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Management of Mangrove Forests in India. Proceedings of the National Workshop held at Visakhapatnam in Feb 2004.

Completed Projects (Only PI):

  • Investigation on the the effect of growth stresses for better processing of plantation timbers.

  • A rapid and non-destructive technique for estimating growth strains in trees and logs

  • Effect of temperature, humidity and pH on CCB fixation in wood.

  • Wood-fibre plastic composite foams with improved cell morphology by continuous process

  • Transfer of forestry and wood science Technology to the rural and sectoral communities of eastern plains of Karnataka.
    Forestry Extension: a). Research extension linkages b). Programmes to provide technical support and general public awareness

Current Research Projects (Only PI):

  • Study the Variability in growth stresses in clones of Eucalyptus


Communication Address:

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Aggarwal
Scientist-G and Head of the Office
Wood Processing Division
Institute of wood Science and Technology
18th cross, Malleshwaram
Tel: 0091-80-22190179
Fax: 0091-80-23340529
E-mail:   pankaj@icfre.org

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