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For the first time radial variation studies in anatomical features and relating them to physical properties was carried out to assess the wood quality in Acacia auriculaeformis hybrids and Acacia mangium hybrid was carried out. Present study helped in generating data as well as utilization of such hybrids for various end uses and for selecting trees in tree breeding programme.For better utilization of wood, it is important to know the effect of age on wood properties, including size and distribution of cell types. Information on anatomical properties is important for further clonal selection, rotation and for better utilization of the timber.

Both the hybrids are as good as Acacia auriculaeformis and Acacia mangium for usage in Paper and pulp. Acacia mangium hybrid is comparatively better for usage in pulp to Acacia auriculaeformis hybrid. Acacia auriculaeformis hybrid is better for solid wood products where as Acacia mangium hybrids may pose problem during processing as it shows slight wooliness because of tension wood. Radial variation studies indicate non-significant variation in almost all the parameters except tissue proportion in Acacia mangium hybrid and fibre diameter, fibre lumen diameter and vessel diameter in Acacia auriculaeformis hybrid. Hence growth wise both the hybrids are sufficiently grown for end use like solid wood products and paper and pulp. Harvesting of trees can be extended for few more years if end users wants timber with bigger girth.


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