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Insect Diversity in Selected Provenances of Sandal

A total of 365 insect species representing 13 orders were found breeding in provenances of sandal. Among them, 137 insects were found phytophagous on sandal, which includes 71 species of sapsuckers, 52 species of defoliators, 3 species of bark feeders/borers, 4 species of stem borers, one species of flower feeder, 2 species of seed feeders and 4 species of dry/dead wood borers.  The predatory communities in all the sandal provenances consists of 22 species each of Coleoptera and Odonata, 14 species of Mantodea, 7 species of Hemiptera, 5 species of Neuroptera and one species each of Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera. Among them 4 species of Coleoptera, one species each of Diptera and Lepidoptera, two species each of Hemiptera and Hymenoptera and 20 species of Odonata were reported for the first time from sandal forest areas . The parasitic insect communities on insect pests of sandal comprise 52 species of Hymenopteran parasitoids and 5 species of Dipteran parasitoids. The checklist of insects in sandal-dominated ecosystem with 1364 insects under 157 families in 14 orders is prepared.

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