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Diversity of xylophagous insects/fungi in fallen logs in Nilgiri Biosphere reserve.

An attempt was made to quantify the diversity of insects associated with fallen logs in the Nagarahole Range of Rajiv Gandhi National Park, which is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in India. Logs from various tree species in different stages of deterioration were selected from two natural forest types (moist deciduous and dry deciduous) and plantations of Tectona grandis. Insects were sampled through different methods: sampling through direct search over a fixed area of the log, specially designed emergence traps and sticky traps were employed in the field; insects were allowed to emerge from wood pieces placed in emergence cages in the lab; and, insects were also sampled from the fungal fruiting bodies occurring on the fallen logs. Over 50,000 insects were sorted to 11 Orders and 345 morphospecies for estimating diversity. Less durable tree species like Bombax ceiba harbored more insect diversity than more durable tree species like Tectona grandis. Results also indicate that freshly fallen logs harbor greater diversity of xylophagous insects than older fallen logs. About twenty-five species of fungi are reported from dead logs at various stages of degradation indicating that logs harbor considerable diversity at later stages of their degradation also

Fallen log in Nagarhole BR


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