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Developed protocols for in vitro cloning through axillary shoot proliferation, adventitious shoot production and refined protocol for somatic embryogenesis from explant of mature trees of sandal wood

Axillary shoot proliferation
  Somatic embryogenesis Mature somatic embryos of sandal wood

Developed refined protocols for micropropagation of Tectona grandis and Eucalyptus tereticornis. In teak, rate of shoot multiplication was about 4.0 fold in 4 weeks period, whereas in E. tereticornis 5 fold in 4 weeks period. High frequency ex vitro rooting was observed in both these species using soilrite as a rooting medium and by pulse treatment with IBA in 4 weeks period in green house. In case of T. grandis from ex vitro rooting stage, plantable clonal plants can be produced within 5 months period, whereas in case of E. tereticornis within 4 months period.

Shoot multiplication of Tectona grandis

Primary hardened plants of T. grandis

Developed micropropagation protocol of Dendrocalamus stocksii (Oxytenanthera stocksii) using nodal shoot segment as a explant from mature clump through axillary shoot proliferation.  High frequency multiple shoots can be produced within 3-4 weeks period High rate (>95%) rooting was observed by in vitro and ex vitro rooting.  Primary hardening for 5-6 weeks was found essential under green house and 50% shade condition before keeping in open nursery.   

Micropropagation of industrially important bamboo species:   Bambusa bambos, B. nutans, B. pallida, Dendrocalamus strictus, D. asper, D. brandisii and Guadua angustifolia have been developed from the explant of the mature clump through axillary shoot proliferation.

Shoot initiation in D. stocksii
Shoot multiplication
In vitro root induction

In vitro cloning process for the Embelia ribes and Aristelochinia indica medicinally important and over-exploited species developed through axillary shoot proliferation from the nodal shoot segment of the mature plant.  In E. ribes adventitious regeneration was also observed from leaf of mature plants and hypocotyls segments.  Basic process developed for in vitro cloning of Jatropha curcus from the explant of the field grown mature plants.  Direct adventitious regeneration was obtained from the leaf segments.

In vitro cloning of Melia dubia through axillary shoot proliferation process is under investigation.


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