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Under UNDP project, IWST has established teak on farm trial viz; block plantation, boundary plantation and row plantation in Devanahalli village during 1994. At the age of 12years, the physical and mechanical properties of boundary and block plantations were evaluated and found to be comparable with standard forest teak. Growth stresses were found to be more in boundary plantations as compared to block plantations hence exploitation at this stage may not be advisable. The total extractable volume of wood available at 12 years is boundary plantations almost double that of block plantations of same age. The MAI was 0.006 cu.m/ tree/year is unmanaged block plantation while it was 0.02 cu.m/tree/year in line plantation.

Boundary Plantation of teak
Block Plantation of teak

On farm trials of Acacia hybrid under semi arid conditions in Kolar district showed impressive growth performance in terms of height and girth

On-farm trials of Acacia hybrid (A.auriculiformis X A. mangium) in block and line planting methods.

Sandal based model agroforestry demonstration models with horticultural crops like Embelica officinalis, Tamarindus indicus, Mangifera indica and Coffea arabica were established in 3 sites (Mudenahally, Bevanahally and Koppa) in Karnataka in farmers/stake holders land during 2007-08. These sites are now being used to demonstration sites, farmers under going training in nursery and cultivation of sandal

Demonstration plantations of Guadua and D. asper were established in tropical humid zones in Aluva and Palakkad (Kerala) and in Coorg (Karnataka).  The growth performance of Guadua ang


Growth of D. asper and G. angustifolia in demonstration trial in Thithimathi, Coorg (Karnataka) and Aluva (Kerala)

ustifolia and Dendrocalamus asper in tropical conditions indicate high rate of growth for these two promising exotic bamboo species.


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