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Value added products from Eucalyptus hybrid leaf oil:

With the exception of Eucalyptus globulus (blue gum) of Nilgiris and E.citriodora (lemon scented gum) not much attention was paid to other species of Eucalypts as a source of essential oil in India. The chemistry of Forest products division took up experiments on Eucalyptus hybrid grown in large numbers as a plantation crop.

It was established for the first time that leaves shed from E. hybrid from one Ha area if collected meticulously and distilled properly can yield about 40-45 kg of essential oil. It was also established that E. hybrid leaves contain major constituents of pinene, cineole and para-cymene. However the essential oil extracted from E. hybrid are not as fragrant as the oil extracted from the leaves of E. globules or E. citriodora. The CFP division worked on this problem and identified a method which involves less expensive chemicals to enhance the pleasant aroma. Thie method basically involes reduction/ elimination of cineole content in the oil extracted from the E. hybrid leaves. Thus improvesid E. hybrid oil can find use in perfumery and agarbathi industry.

Interested person may contact the CFP division of the Institute for procuring the an efficient portable distillation unit for the distillation of the Eucalyptus hybrid leaves and also for the details of method for reduction /elimination of cineole which will be given free of cost. The fallen Eucalyptus leaves are not easily degraded and it is generally accepted that allelo chemicals leached out of the leaves bring down the soil physico chemical properties.


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