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Research on Sandal (value addition/utilization aspects)
  • A rapid non destructive method for estimation of oil content in a small quantity of heartwood material is rendered simpler, quicker and fairly accurate by using UV spectrophotometer.
  • HESP oil obtained with spent sandal powder was found to exhibit many pharmacological properties like anti-tremorogenic, anti inflammatory, anti- mitotic, antiviral and anti pyretic properties.
  • Devoid of sandal oil, the spent sandalwood powder does not have any commercial utility. Two new aroma (acidified exhausted sandal powder, AESP, 0.6 % yield and sapwood acidified, SWA, 0.9 % yield ) have been obtained from chemical conversion of exhausted sandalwood powder and sandal sapwood powder. Both these oils were found to exhibit strong and heavy almond like note and different characteristics and composition from those of natural sandalwood oil. They have potential for exploitation in the fragrance and other allied industries
  • Tropical application of compound isolated from bark of sandal was effective against some lepidopterous and coleopterous insects.
  • Benzene extract of sandal bark exhibits an excellent insect growth inhibiting property and chemosterilant activity.
  • Nine provenances of sandal have been identified under different ecoclimatic zones. (Three provinances in Karnataka, two in Tamilnadu, one in Kerala , one in Andhra Pradesh , one in Madhya Pradesh and one in Orissa) Status of these provenances was confirmed by isoenzyme studies on the basis of wide gap in genetic distance.
  • Studies on oil content vs GBH in respect of three provenances have indicated that trees of GBH>80 cms contained 4% oil which remains nearly constant.

  • Peroxidase isoenzyme in living bark tissue bears an inverse relationship with oil content. Based on this a simple, less expensive, user friendly and field oriented, colour reaction method has been developed for rapid screening of sandal plants in the field for selection of high yielders.

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