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Red sanders - A tree of great export value:

Pterocarpus santalinus (Red sanders) has restricted distribution in Andhra Pradesh and adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu.

This tree is a valuable source of a red dye used in food stuffs and to dye cotton, wool etc. The CFP division has developed a simple method to isolate santalins, the red pigments of red sanders wood. 

The wood of  red sanders tree may have  Wavy grains or straight grains. Wood with wavy grains  is highly valued in Japan for its reported acoustic properties. However, it is not possible to distinguish wavy and straight grained trees externally.

Effect of visible/UV light on the wood was under study as the wood darkens in colour on exposure to light. The CFP division studied the Physico-chemical  properties  and found  wide variations in ash content and mineral constituents of both wavy and straight grained red sanders wood.

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