About AWTC



       Wood is one of the most useful and appealing materials around the world, fulfilling several key needs of the Society. It is also the most ecological raw material we have. Its usage is both diverse and widespread. Despite its vast potential in employment and income generation, the wood product industry has generally remained underdeveloped in India. This is particularly so in the mechanized wood processing segment aiming for domestic and international markets. In today’s highly competitive environment, the stringent market condition demands products and services of high quality at a competitive price. Three of the identified critical needs in development of this sector are: properly trained personnel; precise, state-of-the art machinery; and strong industry – (R & D) Institute linkages.


       Keeping this in mind, an industry – (R & D) Institute partnership initiative is taken up to launch an ADVANCED WOODWORKING CENTRE by the Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST), Bangalore – an Institute of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE); the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) an autonomous organization of the Government of Italy; and the Italian Wood Working Machinery and Tools Manufacturer’s Association (ACIMALL). The Center will be located in the IWST premises at Bangalore. The IWST has a national level mandate to undertake, aid, promote and coordinate research and its application in the areas of wood science and technology. The ICE promoted technology and products in different countries operating through a net work of hundred branches and will provide recurring costs. The machines will be provided by ACIMALL.


       This non-profit, training and research center aims to enable and enhance the Indian wood products manufacturing industries capabilities promoting them to attain a globally competitive position in the areas of manufacture of value added wood products by using state of the art machinery.


A brief:


      The Advanced Woodworking Training Center (AWTC) is located at Institute of Wood Science & Technology (IWST) which is a premier Research Institute at Bangalore, under ICFRE (Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education).


      The AWTC was started as the first Research & Training Center in India and its basic aim is to enhance the quality of Indian wood products manufacturing industries so as to attain global competitiveness by using the state of art machineries from Italy. This center will help the Industrialists to have an exposure of various Italian machineries. 


      It is a joint venture between Indian Government (IWST under ICFRE) , Italian Government (Italian Trade Commission, ICE) & ACIMALL (Italian Woodworking Machines and Tools Manufacturers Association) and is a Research & Training Center at Bangalore. 


      A regular training programme is conducted and is imparted by experienced trainers who are Scientist /Engineers. The Center is under the administrative control of IWST, Bangalore.


The Collaboration



       The Scientists at IWST will have access to use the machinery to conduct their research on various aspects of processing timber.

This international collaborative effort is expected to:

  • Provide direct links between the wood working manufacturing industry; R & D Institutes and the Government

  • Enhance technical levels and competitiveness of Indian Wood Product Manufacturing Industry

  • Develop customized training programmes

  • Promote and catalyze industry supported applied research

  • Help in solving technical as well as shop floor problems.

       As the Italian Wood working machines are among the best, the proposed center has a potential to eventually develop into a research, education and technology transfer center of excellence, through this international partnership.